week 28

let me share some of the things she’s doing now that pretty much make us laugh:

– speaking of laugh, she STILL doesn’t know what to make of it when we/i laugh at her.  so she gets this awfully confused look on her face.  which only makes me crack up even more.  she’s adorable when i go get her from nap time, and she’ll do something to make me laugh & we begin a cycle.

– she is constantly blowing raspberries.  she even has graduated and mostly does the phbbhhtt sound.  and i think she thinks this is conversation.  it’s funny to see that she just does it without thinking; and oftentimes in the middle of looking around or focusing on something else.    ….she may think this is convo b/c for the first couple months of her life, her daddy never knew what to say to her, so he’d do a big phbbhhtt sound at her & he sorta makes it sound like he’s zipping it up.  guess it got her attention.

– she is trying to touch every!thing!  she constantly has her arms out to her side, ready to grab anything that she can.  i fear when she touches yiminy w/o my guidance.  these are 2 “people” that can’t understand what the other is doing.  he gets quite feisty.  and she yanks HARD.  not to mention the fact that her hand spends 96% of her waking day in her mouth.  couple that with kitty fur and ewww.   i’m thinking when she’s mobile we’ll have our work cut out for us. 

– she has again reinstated her daddy attachment.  it’s quite insulting, actually.  several times while he was on vacation for christmas, he’d get her in the morning and plop her in bed so i can feed her.  when he would leave, she would cry.  ummm- doesn’t she know how important eating is???  for a while now, she’d be distracted when he’d come up to visit us in the bed.  poor guy has learned he needs to stay away until he hears her playing & squealing a lot.  otherwise she won’t finish eating.    and now that he’s back at work and things are normal again, she’s just fine w/ me.  but as soon as he comes home, she starts to fuss if he doesn’t look at her and make her smile then grab her out of my arms.

– she’s not very good at telling me what she wants.  oh, sure- i know i’m not very good at understanding what she wants. but seriously:  she can be content in dad’s arms (or even mine).  or even happily at play.  not a peep of frustration or anything.  as soon as i scoop her up and get ready to feed her, she turns into this hungry baby.  she starts to whine and squeal and cry.  until i can shove me in her mouth and she just devours it like i’ve never fed her in my life!  all she has to do is show me some hunger signs whenever she’s hungry.  but since she spends the whole day w/ her fist in her mouth (which used to be her cue), i feed her by the clock.  it doesn’t matter how long i wait or how quickly i feed her, it’s always impatient hungry baby!

– if anything even thinks about going near her face, she catches her breath and sounds like she’s going underwater.  it’s kinda funny.  but i wish she’d hurry up and figure out she has to only move whatever’s on her face & she doesn’t have to “drown”.  we play with her clothes before we put them on. that seems to help the scream factor by at least 3%.  but she never knocks the clothes off of her face. which is funny.   harvard anyone?

and i am very glad to say that at the dr.’s office last week, the numbers & percentiles confirmed that she is finally “evening up”.  she looks like a 6 month old.  which is appropriate.  but she’s looked like a 6 month old for like 4 months now.


2 Responses to week 28

  1. Meredith says:

    Aw! It sounds fun, makes me miss some of those times! Little Elvis was big on the raspberries and we have some professional pictures of him with his tongue out. He just couldn’t stop blowing them, so we went ahead and picked out one with the tongue out. It’s funny to look at now.

  2. aunt meggieweggie says:

    seems like things are on tract wtg and goo dluck luve ya me

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