7 months

oh no! my baby isn’t 6 months old anymore. 

for those of you who know us personally, you know that The Mr. was in Holland for 2 weeks.  Ok, Ok… 13 days.  sorry to exaggerate.

& if you’re paying attention, that means i was alone with jovie.  for a loonnnng time.  but guess what?!?  we’re still ALIVE!

honey’s home now, and she was very pleased to see him (as was i).  it all went better than i thought it might.  but i didn’t dread the trip, so much as wish it wouldn’t be so long.  she had a few ruf patches, but mainly she did well.  of course, it’s much easier at this age.  because -(honey, if you’re reading this, ignore the rest of the sentence)- she didn’t realize he was gone past that first saturday. that first day was a little hard on her.  especially since she woke in the middle of the night & was wondering “what in the world are YOU doing here??”

overall, it all went well.  and i have gramma & grampa to thank for that!  they came the weekend he was gone to give me another shoulder to put her on.  they helped tremendously to break apart what could’ve been a verrrrry long weekend.

of course, 2 weeks is a long time in “baby years”.  so The Mr. unfortunately missed out on some firsts.

her first first happened while he was here.  that was eating a vegetable.

during his time away, she practiced being on all fours, she scooted about 5 feet, and she sat unsupported for about a minute.  (she did that a few times).  we also went to a new park w/ Gramma & Grampa.

also during this time, i began to notice that she’s starting to raise her hands when she sees us … to pick her up, maybe ??

it is funny to note that when The Mr. did come home, he had asked if she’s been rolling over.  i said that she hasn’t done that in like 3 weeks.  no sooner did he ask then about a minute later- BOOM- she rolled over.  guess she just needed some inspiration.

we’ve had a good and busy week for her 7 months (which was monday).  we’ve had a few playdates with a one year old girl, and our friends brought their 7 week old son over on Sunday. 

& this morning, we went to the library for the first time for some fun & games during baby time.  she was great!  nary a peep.  she just sat in my lap and watched the other 30 kids toddling all around her.  i think she enjoyed it.  so if we can get out of the house that early next week, we’ll be sure to do it again.

i’m going to end this here, because now it’s time i give her her first taste of fruit….


2 Responses to 7 months

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    What a good girl she is !!!!
    Glad you survived solo parenting for 13 days. Wow, that’s a long time!

  2. Meredith says:

    Happy 7 months! I’m glad the library let her participate. I tried to take Little Elvis to a class when he was 9 months and they wouldn’t let me. They are super strict at the libraries around here. You can’t just drop in on classes either. You have to sign up in advance, and they will ask you about the age!
    Congrats on surviving the trip!

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