no TV appearances just yet…

yesterday, we went to the doctor to finish up another round of vaccines.  when jovie was weighed, i was a little surprised.  officially, she weighs exactly 18lbs. fully clothed.  according to our scale, you can add a few extra ounces.

in any case, officially, she only gained 4oz in the last month.

which i’m extremely glad about.  especially because i thought that once she started to eat food, she might’ve gained more rapidly.  yay. i’m so very glad to know she’s evening out.

when she was born at 9lbs, 3oz i began to be scared of her adorable porkiness.

when she had gained 5oz in just the first 3 days home from the hospital, i thought “no way!”

when she gained 3 lbs from 1mo checkup to 2mo checkup, i was resigning myself that we will indeed have a “maury povich” baby

(if you don’t know what i’m talking about, maury exploits these unbelievably fat babies on his show.  The Mr. maintains that maury hides cheeseburgers on his stage so the 1year olds can find them.) 

the dr. has never been concerned about her weight, but as i’ve said before— SHE didn’t have to hold her.  (all. day. long.)

and even now that she isn’t gaining as speedily, dr. is still not concerned.  which is fantastic news.   (she still has her rolls, though!)

my guess is that if we weigh the drool that soaks her clothes/blanket/carpet, well- then you may just find where the other 5lbs should be!

so, here’s to 18lbs of complete adorable:



7 Responses to no TV appearances just yet…

  1. gramma & grampa says:

    She’s just adorable!

  2. Funky Boss says:

    Indeed I did see a few of those Fat Baby Maury Povich episodes and he shows a montage of the baby at home eating everything in site. Then it goes back to the studio and Maury says “Let’s play a little game” or something like that. To our surprise, Maury has hid double cheeseburgers behind furniture and other places to see if the fat baby can find them. Lo and behold, the kid makes a bee-line for the cheeseburger and proceeds to devour it.

  3. aunt barb says:

    she is SO cute….

  4. Meredith says:

    What a sweet picture! She looks pretty happy. I was a porker as a baby. Little Elvis was born fairly small, but gained and gained and gained very quickly. Bob was a small child, so I kept assuming he would even out, especially when my back would start hurting from toting him around. He’s still pretty tall, but his weight is starting to taper off some.

  5. Your very lucky to havd a healthy baby-Enjoy!

  6. Aunt Jo-Jo says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! My she is getting so big I can’t wait to see her in person. Let me know when is a good Saturday in March for you guys to meet us in Clemson to tour. If you can’t make it no problem but let me know so we can make our plans. If you want we can get a hotel for overnight or we can go back home does not matter to us. Love you.

  7. Diona says:

    She’s soooooo adorable Michelle! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing. I need to come see her before she’s walking!!!!

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