unlike me

The Mr. regularly points out how like me Jovie is. hopefully he’s not intending to mean her fussy times.

 i’m one of those people who has a hard time deciding who someone looks like.  unless it’s quite obvious.  and it’s even harder with babies.

from birth, we have both seen sides of jovie that looks like each one of us in various baby pictures.  moreso, she’s looked like her daddy’s pictures.  but as she’s getting older, i’m hearing more and more how she looks a lot like me.  and these are people who aren’t looking at baby pics, but me the adult.

me? i don’t see it, but i believe it, cuz i’m told it a lot.

and The Mr. has been saying it for awhile.  i think because she has brown hair like me.  and her eyes are not brown.  they’re still grey.  mine are hazel; so we assume hers will change over one day.

i do see she has the shape of my eyes.

and if i could find that baby picture of me crying and one of her- well, save for the 1970s look of it, you wouldn’t know us apart!

yes. she does have a few more of my characteristics.  like the unfortunate bushy eyebrows.  and the potter feet;  where the 2nd toe is longer than the “big” toe.  (do you know how confused i was growing up b/c of this?).

not to mention the potter hiney.  we’ve been amazed for 33weeks now how this baby who could be so fat and roll-y does not have a hiney at all!  thanks, poppa!

you know, you’d think after writing this post so far, i’d say “aha! she DOES look just like me”.  but still, when i look at her, i see that picture of The Mr. when he’s pushing up on his belly.  the expression there is a lot like i picture jovie. 

well,  really, i don’t want to talk about this next part.  remember, i am a little stitious.  but i just can’t help it.  i’m excited!

this girl can eat!  seriously!  she has eaten every single thing i’ve ever given her.  which is completely unlike me.  luckily, so far, she’s inherited her daddy’s taste buds.

at first she wasn’t sure about pears.  god i wish i had that on film!  it was her first taste of fruit after eating lotsa veggies.  & i am pretty sure the ascorbic acid made it pretty sour for her.  i remember the best faces she made!  but the next 2 days she ate them just fine.

there was one time i didn’t have any milk thawed, and i had some ready-made formula.  so i added it to her rice cereal and she was going to have none of that!  besides that, though, she’s eaten            (& seems to like):    peas, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, pears, apples, rice cereal, oatmeal, prunes, & plums.

i’m scared of the day when it may change.  but for now?  my baby is eating lots of vegetables.  she doesn’t get it from me!  i want to know if popcorn can be considered a veggie.


3 Responses to unlike me

  1. Meredith says:

    That’s great about the veggies! I won’t tell you about Little Elvis’ current feelings on veggies, because hopefully Jovie won’t change her mind about them like he did.
    I think it’s just hard to see someone else in your child, especially yourself. For the longest time, I tried to determine which one of his Little Elvis looked like and finally Bob said, “He looks like himself.”
    Anyway, with Little Elvis, we’ve gone from “Who does he look like?” (I guess neither of us!) To “He looks just like his Daddy.” To “He looks like a combo of both of you.” To “He looks just like you.” I see our features in him, but as a whole, he just looks like himself.

  2. […] pretty much since day one, we’ve been told that jovie looks just like me.  it’s been pretty well documented here too. tho, again— i still don’t necessarily see it.  i see very […]

  3. […] so glad she’s still not like me. […]

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