daddy’s little girl

for the past 2 weeks or so, jovie’s been playing around with her sounds & babbles.  The Mr. was overjoyed when she began saying “dada”.  i told him about it, but she wouldn’t show him until the next morning at 6am diaper change.  it was soooo cute. i went in so i could feed her.  and what is normally a quiet and calm (no talking) diaper change, i hear The Mr. loudly excitedly whisper & prompt:  “dada!”  “dada!!”….   it was melt-your-heart cute! 

also, last friday, jovie got to enjoy some good quality daddy time while i went out spending a small fortune shopping for some cute clothes.  he said she was perfect the whole time.  i came home right in time for bath.  & it was great. b/c so rarely am i gone from her that those enormous smiles usually saved for daddy were finally used for me!   in fact, she’s 8 months old (who let that happen??)  and i was gone 3 hours.  that is the longest ever!     ???

unfortunately, The Mr. has been fighting a cold for a few days, and wanted to keep his distance.  we’ve been lucky enough that in all this time, jovie’s never been sick.  nary a sniffle.  he would like to keep it this way.  i’m sure it was hard on him to only see her from a distance & make goofy faces.  i was afraid she’d get mad, b/c i think i’ve mentioned before that she LOVES her daddy.  he’ll come home from work and she will kick her legs and wave her arms soooo excitedly that sometimes it hurts.  all to be held by dear ol’ dad.

she accepted only seeing him.  that was better than nothing (a la holland).  but i know she’ll be tons excited when he comes home from work today, feeling better & waiting to hold her & play.  as evidenced by the fact she woke up last night and there was no amount of consoling her i could do.  finally, he scooped her up, and she dozed quite easily in his arms!

she may look like me, but he’s got her heart!

taller than dad


2 Responses to daddy’s little girl

  1. bocki says:

    that’s so CUTE!!!!!!

  2. Meredith says:

    So sweet! I understand the Daddy fascination, although I think that will change. Little Elvis vascillates between which one of us he prefers. Over Christmas, he wanted nothing to do with me. Now, he’s Mr. Cry-Whenever-Mommy-Leaves-the-Room. Next month I’m sure I’ll be old-hat.
    Glad you got some time away!

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