gramma & grampa

this past weekend, we went to greenville to celebrate the engagement of a longtime friend.  gramma & grampa were not in the least bothered by having jovie come for a visit.

the car ride up there was fantastic.  better than The Mr. & i expected.  definitely NOT like the last time! the ride home was a different story.  ranked inbetween the wonderful of saturday and the hell of xmas time.  but truthfully, that was about how i expected her to be.   but we all survived, and she came right home and took her nap (finally!)

the trip itself was good.  we had some friends come over to visit while we were at g’ma & g’pa’s… and at first, she got a little overwhelmed.  which made us decide to not take her to the party for an introduction that night. 

however, gramma & grampa said she didn’t make a peep once i put her to bed and we had a good time at the party!  i think they’d  rather babysit her while she sleeps

jovie enjoyed hanging out with everyone, once she got used to it.  we had fun outside, she liked exploring all the new places, and she (of course) enjoyed looking at grampa’s fish.  she also got to sit in a different high chair and eat a WHOLE JAR of food.  since i wasn’t going to deal w/ refrigerating, i just gave her until i thought she was done….  and she ate it all up!  apparently i’m not feeding her enough!?!?   that was quite a surprise to me.

here she is…. clearly about to follow in daddy’s (& gramma’s) footsteps:

daddy's girl

daddy's girl

and now, this weekend, gramma & grampa are coming here because they can’t get enough of jovie are being extremely generous and letting us go to an atlanta hawks game!  unfortunately, it’s not a night game, though.  and jovie will not be asleep for 4 hours!  (and if you’re paying attention, that will be the longest i’ve been without her- and obviously the longest she’s been without at least one of her parents).


do wish them luck!  i’ll have to remember to post how it all went.

assuming we come back…


2 Responses to gramma & grampa

  1. Aunt Barbara says:

    such a cute picture! I can’t believe how big she is. I hope you guys decide to take a drive (or flight) down soon.

  2. Meredith says:

    Glad you got a nice night out! That picture is really cute! She seems to be enjoying herself in that big girl chair.

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