heaven & hell

unbelievable!  not only did the Hawks win their game, but Jovie was an angel!

gramma & grampa said that she barely even cried.  i think it totally helped that we were able to put her down for a nap before we left.  we (of course)left detailed instructions about feeding & entertaining this kid.  & i even mentioned about how to watch for sleepy signs if she needs another nap- they could try it.  (totally not expecting it)  and she napped again!


we sooooo couldn’t have done this 6months ago. 

they let us know all the fun things they did and how well she played.  we were so relieved.  we had a good time ourselves.  and everyone said that the 4 1/2 hours didn’t seem that long at all.

so, thanks gramma & grampa!


so that’s the heaven.

the hell?  oh, that was yesterday. 

for about 6 months now (no kidding), people have told us/asked us if jovie’s teething.  what with the lakes of drool & hand always in her mouth.  even when we mention that she started waking in the night at 4mo.  we don’t consider that to be true, since it’s been almost her whole life! 

in december, we went to the dr. and she pointed out the little tooth pockets for these teeth that are bound to come…..

last week when i stuck my finger in her mouth, i could finally (sadly) feel the top little ridge come through.  so all week we’ve been checking and watching.  the tooth next door is also starting to come through.  but it was the weirdest thing that it poked it’s little head out w/o much ado.  she didn’t fuss particularly worse than any normal fussing time.  night wakings were the same.  we thought we had ourselves a brave little girl.

well, remember– i’m the one who thought how lucky i was that i began labor without the singlest smallest clue whatsoever.  HA.  i shoulda known….

yesterday was absolutely miserable.  i honestly thought i had my 3 week old baby back.  except she is much heavier. she demanded to be held all day long.   it was horrible to watch her.  tylenol didn’t seem to have much of an effect on her (but for 2 nights seemed to help her go back to sleep).

today she seemed much like herself again!

so, there’s only, what??  30 left to go?  not to mention these aren’t finished yet.   yikes!


2 Responses to heaven & hell

  1. gramma & grampa says:

    To be honest, Den & I thought Jovie would cry for most of the time. So you can imagine our surprise and delight when Jovie was such a good baby! We had a terrific time. We had fun playing with her, watching a DVD of Baby Einstein and even feeding her cereal and fruit. These times are precious and we’re enjoying every minute of them.

  2. Meredith says:

    Poor Jovie! The teething thing is hard. We never tried teething biscuits with Little Elvis. Our doctor recommended giving him frozen bagels to knaw on. Maybe that would help?

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