eatin’ time

as i mentioned before, so far jovie is a good eater.  but i can’t help my own hang-ups with it.  for instance, we’re trying to not give her rice very often because it seems to hurt her belly.  (what i didn’t mention in our last post is that on top of the teething was the holy hell of bellyache all day long!}

well, not feeding her rice cereal doesn’t sound like a very difficult thing to do, but i can’t seem to get it out of my mind that if i want to feed her a veggie, that doesn’t go very well with oatmeal.  it took a while for me to break out of the thinking that if i fed her at “dinner time”, it should be rice & veggie.  “lunch time” could be oatmeal & fruit.

i still don’t have a clue of how much she should be eating because she doesn’t seem to care one way or another if i feed her or stop feeding her.  she gives me hardly any cues.

the only thing i think i’ve learned is that she only likes fruit if it’s “fresh” or warm.  if it’s too cold, i get the sour/gag face.  i think it has to do with the vitamin c they add to it.  i’ve tasted some of the fruit, and it is quite tangy.

this week, though, i wanted to finish up the half-eaten jars i had.  one veggie & one fruit.  so, i let go of my hang-ups (because, yes. i do logically understand that she doesn’t know or care what she’s eating and what it pairs with) and i fed her apples/plums combo with green beans.

i didn’t mix it all together, but still:  eeeewwwww!

to interchangeably eat string beans and then fruit and then beans… and have it all on the same spoon.  i shudder.

funny thing is, she didn’t seem to mind.  in fact that was prob’ly the best she’s eaten the apples/plums when it wasn’t the first day!

all i thought of the whole time was of her uncle kenny.   i can vividly recall more than one argument discussion at the dinner table where my dad would go nuts express displeasure at watching my brother pile all the food together and eat it all at once.  his response was always that it goes to the same place.  jovie seemed to agree.  (by the way-he is now considered a very talented cook in the family)

clearly unlike me. i was definitely a “don’t let any food touch each other” kinda gal.  i hope the picky gene has stayed away from jovie!


2 Responses to eatin’ time

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    i’m like you—keep everything separate! i think the divided plate was a great invention!


  2. Meredith says:

    I always liked to save the fruit for the “dessert” of the meal when feeding Little Elvis. Bob would just go around the plate, giving him a bite of beans, a bite of rice, a bite of apples, etc. Maybe that’s a man thing? I read a very interesting article this weekend about a woman with severe food hangups who went to a hypnotist to get over her issues with tomatoes. Didn’t sound like it worked very well, but it was a very interesting approach…

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