no big news

there’s nothing big to report, really.  which is a welcome change from last april fool’s day

jovie’s just concentrating on growing…. her hair, her teeth, her body.  i am quite interested in what they will tell me she measures at the dr. next week!

there’s really nothing new that she’s doing, just being cute as ever.  right now she’s playing in her exersaucer because normally she’ll end up in it at the end of her day; which doesn’t last very long.  so aha!  we’ve already been to the library and to the park today.  i still have to occupy her for 3 more hours…  let’s play in it earlier.   she’s enjoying herself.

today she seemed to really enjoy library time.  she likes when we sing the songs.  she gets a goofy grin on her face when she hears me sing.  and she loves to be enthralled by all the babies toddling all around her.  but today she actively played with a toy & babbled some.  that toy happened to have a big mirror on it.  which she loves!  so that was a bonus.

the mirror thing is pretty funny.  even if she’s fussing about something, we’ll bring her near the mirror & she’ll anticipate seeing it and then break into a big smile.  even if for just a moment.

some people ask what she’s doing these days.  and ask if she’s crawling.  to which i (happily) report:  no!  she’s still doing the scooting on her all4s backwards, and spinning around on her belly to go places.  she still hasn’t figured out “forward”, though she is showing signs of trying. 

as you can see, though- she can do plenty of damage as it is:


apparently she loves loves loves to topple her basket and have a heyday.  you can see she’s pretty happy with herself.

so as of now, i’m really liking that i can still put her where i want her to be, and expect her to be (relatively) in the same place later.

she loves her belly time.  but she also enjoys sitting up and looking at everything in a new perspective. 

The Mr. & i think it’s funny that she just started to growl when talking.  i swear she sounds exactly like Patty & Selma from the Simpsons! 

we also find it fun to pretend that she’s waving to us.  she likes to watch her hands & wrist flick back and forth.  so one day we decided to call that waving.  we do it around each other constantly…. so maybe one day she’ll pick up on it and do it on purpose.

she does raise her hands to be picked up, though.  usually after naptime.

and she loves to watch what yiminy & doh are doing.  even yiminy is a little scared of her.  i think he knows who’s boss these days. (now that it’s not him!)

oh wait! i forgot- we do have big news.  yesterday The Mr. fed her dinner… and she ATE IT ALL UP (not the news).  he said he couldn’t shovel it in fast enough (not the news).  she ate the whole jar (not the news).  what was it??

carrots with tomatoes!         that’s my girl!


One Response to no big news

  1. Meredith says:

    What a great picture! And congrats on the tomatoes!

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