9 months

Jovie is 9 months old.  that sounds so big!  yikes.  we went to the doctor today and saw that according to percentiles, she’s shrinking.  she hasn’t gained very much weight or height since they measured her 3 months ago!?!?  she’s definitely in a plateau.  she went from being in the 75-95%iles in height & weight to being in the 45-50%iles.  woah

i was astounded.  her pants fit differently and she’s as heavy as ever to me….

as you’ll soon see, though, she’s in the 99%ile for cuteness!

Daddy’s taken this week off since he’s between projects at work.  & we’ve had a very good week so far.  of course this daddy’s girl LOVES this fact.  as is evident that today she cried and cried and cried b/c he left the room so she could finish eating.  ay ay ay!  good thing she doesn’t have a very long memory otherwise i’d worry a lot about him going back to work on monday.

last saturday we enjoyed the spring weather and had her first taste of a playground.  do you know how hard i had to search for a playground that had swings???  that’s something i never expected would be a problem.  that’s how we grew up, right?  but, no!  playgrounds these days are all geared towards climbing and balancing.  luckily we found one with a bucket swing, and you could plainly see she enjoyed herself!

we spent some days inside b/c it was cold & windy.  so dad had the start of his vacation having to hold & appease her all day long.  well, i guess his vacation is my vacation, too.

yesterday we enjoyed the fact the sun came out again & we made a trek to Callaway Gardens, which is about an hour & a half away from us.  the drive there was good.  i sat in the front seat for the first time for a long journey.  she only got fussy a little at the end.  maybe 15 minutes tops.  and it wasn’t anything like some of the other trips we’ve taken.  but having spent an entire afternoon away from naps home, i rode in the back coming home.  which worked out great so i could occupy her by giving her the toys she kept tossing out of her carseat & playing peek-a-boo with her.  not to mention all the singing we did.  glad it calmed her. 

it was a good day trip where we enjoyed lots of things…our first picnic which was by a lake.  too bad there weren’t any ducks to feed:


…a long walk to the butterfly garden, where we were more amused by all the cajillions of people (spring break) than the butterflies fluttering all around. 

…a nice stroll through the horticulture center (ie: pretty flowers):


and, what with all the strolling & the watching of things, we were pretty tuckered out:


she enjoyed 20 minutes of peaceful slumber in the breezy shade in dad’s arms….  right where she was happiest!


4 Responses to 9 months

  1. Meredith says:

    I love the sleeping picture! Sounds like you guys are having a great week! I’m glad you got in some sunny days.

  2. bocki says:

    9 months!??!?!???!!!!!

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    very cute! I love the sleeping pic too!

  4. […] that is not a bed designated for sleep. 3. hasn’t slept on one of us probably since the other random time at 9months old at callaway gardens!  this is a picture of my having brought her down from sleeping face down on the floor on one of […]

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