40 weeks & a day

i was acutely aware that this past monday jovie survived out of my belly longer than in it.  i delivered her at 39 weeks, 5days.  (The Mr. would chime in here: “shoulda been 4”)

i’m even more aware that in 12 weeks time, we’ll be at week 52.  what else is 52 weeks long??  oh, that’s right.  A YEAR.  as in:  holy crap! no way!!!

things have been fairly uneventful around here.  daddy worked from home one day last week, so without even batting an eye, we went to lunch at Zaxby’s.  and a few days before that it was Moe’s. 

it’s amazing, isn’t it??  The Mr. & i talked just last night how not long ago, we dreaded taking her out in the car at all.  we went to the park the other day and mentioned how on at least 2 occasions we were forced to drive away w/o even getting out of the car.  this is a park that takes 8 min tops to get to.

now, we drive 25 min so she can enjoy 10 on the swing.

we have taken drives for an hour at a time just to get out of the house.  we went to Callaway Gardens & she dealt pretty well with me not even sitting next to her for a long time.

she even sings/babbles in the car a lot of times.  or sits quietly & plays.  never sleeps, though.  not ever.  (not since the trip from greenville to columbia back at xmas).

it’s nice to be able to get out and about when we want to. 

here’s what she was wearing on said trip to zaxby’s.  it was absolutely adorable… what with her mini-skirt & 80s style legwarmers! 

i loved the 80's

i love the 80's

why, yes.  those are her 2 teeth down there.  now easily seen in a picture…  what???     seriously- make it stop!


2 Responses to 40 weeks & a day

  1. Meredith says:

    That’s so great about the trips! And what a cute picture with the sweet little teeth!

  2. aunt barb says:

    so cute Chelle!
    She used to look like you, but not so much anymore. does she look like Ben’s family?
    Can’t wait to see her (oh yeah, I guess you and Ben too)

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