…and we’re off!

the title not only alludes to the video, but to the fact that we have come to a weekend explosion of firsts!

we have several attempts at crawling forward on video from the past week, but friday when dad worked from home was probably the first time she really did it.  with much concentration.  and hilarious bobbles.

each day she has gotten better & better at it.  of course, it makes me  a tad sad!  (and we still need to buy baby gates).  she is now determined to go where she wants to, and doesn’t just wander aimlessly for the “bait”.  usually Flopsy is the end result of said determination.  altho’, can i brag that on saturday, she completely bypassed a toy and went straight for my feet?!?! —did you hear me?  MY feet.   well, ok, ok, daddy was outside but who’s keeping track?

so dad was outside putting up her swing in the only tree we have an option for it.  it turned out great tho.  nice and shady!  and a lot closer than a 25min drive to swing in the blaring sun!!  she LOVED it.

if saturday wasn’t enough fun for us all, The Mr. got busy putting together the bike trailer that grampa bought for jovie when she was just a little bean.  so sunday we enjoyed a few rides around the cul-de-sac and up the road in the neighborhood a few times.  she loved it!  she got to looking for me as i would zoom on my bike next to her (also a gift several bdays back from grampa & gramma…. ).  we’ll be taking the bike to the park soon enough.  i thought she’d need some more time to get used to it.  but we are seeing that this baby of 9 months is not necessarily the same one from 9 weeks.  we tend to do things slowly because of it, and we see it’s not always needed.

just wait…  not too long from now, i’ll post about her other bike- grampa’s purchase shortly after finding out we were pregnant.  it’s a real bike for probably a 2 year old. 

but, wait! there’s more.  sunday we were out shopping & when The Mr. was holding her, she saw me and gave a definite wave.  we’ve been practicing. & we weren’t even in front of the mirror, which usually prompts most of her waves.

also, after the shopping trip, The Mr. & i were enjoying some nostalgic music which prompted us to go home & play “Two Princes” by the SpinDoctors.  apparently, they have a new fan, because jovie started to dance.  where’d that come from??  and then- she clapped!! 

we were having such a party on the couch!

and if all this wasn’t enough- she has taken this weekend to do some things she never really has done before.  like finally make consonant sounds other than “dada”  & mimic dad (of course) for the first time.  he even got her to eat a fruit puff by eating his skittles in front of her!

it’s been an amazing weekend.  i hear that there are periods of time where things just start to take off.  this seems to be the case.  to that, i say:  uh-oh. 

she’s at this very moment getting into the tv cabinet b/c the CD’s are holding much more interest for her than her books, toys, and even Flopsy.


4 Responses to …and we’re off!

  1. Meredith says:

    Very cute! Crawling is such a fun stage. I think the wiggle action is too cute.
    That’s great about all the fun new accomplishments! This is a really fun time.

  2. aunt meggieweggie says:

    and next will come the pulling up and the walking you are in for a big surpise loved the vidio she is a beauty love you all me

  3. Tom says:

    What a great video… too cool! 🙂

  4. Steph says:

    Yeah, Jovie!!!!!

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