actual conversation

sunday, may 10th- mother’s day:

  • Me: thank you for the sweet cards & gift.  that was thoughtful.
  • Mr: you’re welcome.
  • Me: ……can i tell you something funny?
  • Mr:  sure.
  • Me: i’m NOT saying that you should’ve, or that i wanted you to get Clemson for me, but i was surprised that you didn’t, is all.
  • Mr: ??? ok?
  • Me: I thought you were going to…
  • Mr: why?
  • Me: well, it’s just that a few days ago, you mentioned needing to call your dad instead of emailing. on the same night i was going out to dinner.
  • Mr: oh, ok.
  • Me: and then, when you didn’t call & yesterday you said you had to call your mom right around the time they’d be leaving, but not right then because you were feeding jovie and you needed 2 hands (???)…
  • Mr: i was feeding her.
  • Me: no, i know. but i thought you were making an excuse b/c i was around. you ended up calling them when i was upstairs getting dressed.
  • Mr: yeah. hmmm.
  • Me: so since you never call them, i assumed it was b/c you had to get Clemson sent to them b/c obviously you couldn’t send him here if you were surprising me, since i’m home all day. and also because you knew i didn’t buy him & there was only one left.
  • Mr: right. funny.

monday, may 11th- after The Mr. left for a business trip:


so it was already on the way…

The Mr. is fantastic at gift-giving & surprises.   i think i’ll keep him.


One Response to actual conversation

  1. aunt meggieweggie says:

    that is so cool chelle you do have a keeper love ya me

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