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altho’ The Mr. & i likely not going to make it a regular habit, we have all been able to enjoy going to a real restaurant for lunch on 2 occasions.  i would like to think that because we ease jovie into things is the reason why she handled both occasions so very well. 

of course, we have to ease me into it as well…  the first time, i didn’t have any snacks or water for her.  and it would have been a perfect opportunity to forcefeed give her some water while waiting for the waitress or our food. 

the 2nd time i was prepared, and she was a big girl eating her fruit puffs while we had lunch.  both times the waitresses brought us her highchair and then asked if we needed a kids’ menu!?!  i hope that’s just b/c they don’t have kids of their own, and not because people regularly order their not-one-year-olds hamburgers.

i know it doesn’t seem like a big deal to the rest of y’all, but the fact that The Mr. & i have an option for lunch now is like opening up a whole new world to us.  yes, yes…  if you’re my family or Gramma & Grampa, you’re saying “back in my day we didn’t go to restaurants!!!”.  and if you’re not one of those then you’re saying “who cares?  babyx has been going to outback since month1!”

however, if you know us in person, you know that the archives of this blog is quite mild compared to how things really were.  and if you’re not sure why we feel we needed to wait to take jovie out in public, then let me remind you of a few things

here she is at Beef O’ Brady’s, her first time ever at a sit-down joint:

i'll have the coaster with a side of straw, please.

i'll have the coaster with a side of straw, please.

by the way- in linking Beef’s site, i never realized it was such a chain!  our 2nd restaurant was at a true local-chain near our house.

both times it rained, which she didn’t mind at all.

other “news” is that daddy’s been having to travel.  unlike holland, tho’, he’s been home on the weekend.  which has been very nice.  luckily she still doesn’t get that he’s gone (sorry, daddy!) because he leaves at the asscrack of dawn very early in the morning.  so by the time she wakes up, she’s moved onto whatever memories a 10mo dreams about. 

she has been regularly feeding herself the aforementioned fruitpuffs.  the other day, it was all she wanted to eat. no amount of mush from a jar was going to placate her.  so the past couple of days, i’ve tried to give her the spoon (which i have done months before with some success) and she looks at it as if it’s this newfangled discovery.  with prunes, oatmeal, whatever all over and notatall in her mouth. 

with her wonderful dexterity comes new food territories…  however, maybe she is my child afterall because this is going to be slow-going.  she makes the cutest dern faces, tho.  this past weekend, we had our first taste of real food.  the smidgiest of watermelon pieces.  which don’t dissolve at all like the fruit puffs (which she honestly is starting to chew on; but i guess all the dissolving really helps).  oh the confusion on her face when we were smacking our mouths up and down trying to convince her to chew her food and not just down it!   seriously, y’all.  smidge!  miniscule.  fit for an ant!

she is constantly enthralled with yiminy & doh.  most of the time, she starts to talk/babble when they come in her sight.  and quite a few times, she watches yimmy as he walks back and forth vying for my attention while i’m feeding her.  she’s actually getting better at petting yiminy a tad more gently.  we have a long way to go here!  

before i began this post, i put her down for her afternoon nap, and she tried to kiss me.  the great thing about babies this small is that we can make up what we want to about what it is she’s actually doing.    but she has done this to both The Mr. & i on quite a few occasions, so we think we may be onto something.  she has no clue how it should be done- which makes it all the cuter when she opens her mouth wide and throws it on our shoulder, nose, haphazard part of the face.

yes, she does this with her toys, too.  but nevermind about that.


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  1. Meredith says:

    Glad you’re getting to go out to eat more. It can be fun sometimes. Little Elvis has a thing for coasters as well. I think it’s something all kids have a thing for. For a while, he tried to chew on coasters whereever we went — restaurants, someone’s house, etc.

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