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while we’re on the subject of books, i would like to make my own review.

as The Mr. mentioned a long time ago, i have a great collection of books.  being a first grade teacher will do that.  but i also love love love children’s books.  i love to read period.  but it was always so much fun to collect these children’s books.  i spent a lot of my salary on them thru’ scholastic.  (god, i miss scholastic!)  maybe it’s because i remember when the flimsy newspaper-magazine would get passed out in class when i was younger, and always circling a zillion titles…  never ordering any.  well, there was the one time i got to get Mad Libs!!   FUNFUN.

i digress….

i haven’t been very knowlegeable about babies’ books, though.  many of my students/ teachers would mention titles i hadn’t heard of.  baby classics like:  Goodnight, Moon, Corduroy, &  Guess How Much I Love You.

i did read corduroy while teaching b/c it was one of the books we read as a school.  the other 2 jovie had gotten as gifts.  the first time i read them was to her.

i have my own review of the latter.

if you hadn’t read it, it’s about a baby bunny & father bunny.   the author Sam McBratney thought that would be too simplistic for a baby.  so he calls them “little nutbrown hare” & “big nutbrown hare” each.and.every.time.   

not only is it a mouthful to say, but really?  “nutbrown”???  is that in the crayola 64 box?

well, it’s time for baby to go to bed.  so daddy begins to do so, and the baby says:  “guess how much i love you.”  the whole book then becomes this sad sad competition of who loves whom more!

you gotta hand it to the baby for coming up with ways to show dad how much he loves him.  of course he begins with his outstreched arms, as we’re all wont to do as littlies.  but nonono.  that’s just not enough for dad.  he then has to tell the baby that he loves him MORE…. simply b/c his arms are longer.

so baby tries to come up with ways to show daddy he’s loved, and each time, this NUTbrown hare has to show up his baby.  sometimes i read it to jovie more truthfully and i’ll say things like:

“oh really, jr, you love me as high as you can hop?  well, looky me!  i love YOU as high as i can hop.  and that’s sooooo much more than you, that i bump my head on this tree limb.”      “awww, that’s so sweet that you love me to the meadow.  i love you PAST the meadow, over the stream and all the way to gramma’s house, for that matter!  so there!”

so, yeah, i tend to take on a tone when i read this sometimes.

because, finally, this poor poor baby bunny has come up with so many ways to show his love.  surely his dad can’t love him more than that!  he exhausts himself when he says “i love you to the moon!  (b/c surely there’s nothing farther than the moon!)”

oh, but you poor poor baby.  even when you’re sleeping, that dad has to show you up & get the last word.  b/c of course.  he loves him to the moon……   and back!!

it might be a shorter book if the author just let the dad say “i love you infinity to the infinitieth power” like all the other very mature folks.


luckily, jovie’s not as discriminant when it comes to books as her dad and i apparently are.  she loves them.  she plays in her bucket o’ books as much as her toys, i think.  and she knows the word enough to go get one when we ask.  (when she wants to, of course…..  ahem!)

here she is enjoying some bathtime reading:

um, honey- it's upside down.

um, honey- it's upside down.

if you say so......

if you say so......

aaahhh. much better!

aaahhh. much better!

and, yes. that is her baby bathtub in the big tub.  this was at the end of may, and the first night she actually went upstairs to her bathroom.  b/c until then we saw no need in breaking our backs.  kitchen sink it was!  then we thought that perhaps 10.5 months was certainly time enough to go to the big bathtub.


5 Responses to more about books

  1. aunt meggieweggie says:

    wow that story reminds me of daddy and haylee that was thier story I love you this much he always did that and reach his arms out as he said it Love you guys and she is a cutie

  2. Meredith says:

    Very cute pics! Have to admit I like the Guess How Much I Love You book. I think it’s sweet and Little Elvis loves when I stretch his arms out and up, and lift up his feet, etc.
    I wasn’t fond of Goodnight Moon, though. Thought that was just plain silly.
    Little Elvis has a couple of books that I just hate, and I always read them with a tone.
    One is about Little Brown Bear (he is ALWAYS Little Brown Bear) and the alphabet. I think Little Brown Bear is a brat, and his dad needs to tell him that B is for Brat, behave yourself.

  3. Steph says:

    Glad she’s loving to read!!! You can always order from Scholastic though me if you want (It lets parents do online orders now)…just let me know and I can send you the link when school starts back up. 🙂 And, I have too add that I too love that book (Guess how much I love you…) Logan loves it too, and is really into the I love you more game…It’s kind of cute and fun when they are three. 🙂

  4. Lainey-Paney says:

    For real: your take on kiddie books—I’m lovin’ it.
    The little bunny who can never measure up…so funny.

  5. […] (or trying to, anyway).  and i dug out jovie’s old bathtub.  funny how she has only been out of that tub as long as she was in it.  (10 1/2 […]

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