new developments

just in time for her birthday, jovie’s on the ball with keeping me pretty active.  in the past week or so, she had a few more breakthroughs (a la what happened late April)

2 weekends ago, she enjoyed some pool time w/ Dad.  & i heard him shouting for me.  so i quickly ran outside to see what was the matter.  and he said she’d been trying to climb the steps.  i saw her make a few attempts before i went inside to make her dinner.  when he came in he said that she did, in fact, climb 2 stairs.

the next time i took her to the pool, she spent some time climbing 3 stairs- and thus getting out of the pool altogether.

she hasn’t stopped since.  now she spends much of her pool time trying to hoist herself out of her raft & crawling out of the pool.

oh, and those 13 stairs we have in our house?  the ones w/o baby gates.  yeah.  she climbs those too.  all day if i’d let her.  we usually crawl up for a naptime and for bathtime.  and sometimes once for fun.  she was pretty cute today b/c there was a tiny wrist-book on one of the landings, and instead of stopping to play with it, she grabbed it and scaled the mountain with it. 

also, early last week, The Mr. was giving jovie her bath when again i was summoned.  this time, she decided to pull herself up to stand.  she has been doing this from a different angle.  usually she’ll crawl all over one of us and push down to stand up.  which i think is easier than trying to hoist yourself up from furniture (or bathtubs) at your height.  so finally, she pulled herself up legitimately.  and the next day, she cautiously tried again on the chair where i was sitting.

nowadays, she spends a lot of time finding me when i’m sitting & standing next to me.  the pride you see on her face is just melting!

as is her pride when she figured out how to sign “more”…. it comes out as a clap mostly, but she’s trying to “aim” it right.  she’s hit-n-miss on understanding exactly that it means “yes, please. i’d like some more of that”  because sometimes she’ll ask for more and then push it away when i give it to her.  she still doesn’t do the “all done” sign.  which may help.

now that she’s more active  (and i’m tired of her crawling around the same place overandoverandoverandover), i like to get her out more.  we’ll take some classes/activities in the fall when things start up again.  but i did find a gym down the road that opens for 2 hours so your kid can tumble & use the fun activities.  we’ll get a lot more out of it when she’s walking, but she had the BEST time crawling really fast over the squishy mats & going all over the place.  she was squealing and pointing excitedly.  The Mr. came with us & he said he’s never seen her like this.  it was a lot of fun. 

(it’s a great idea, too…  b/c i’m sure it helps promote gymnastics.  they start as early as 18mos w/ a mommy&me class.  so we’ll likely be doing more of this come january!)

she has even surprised me with at least 2 real kisses— mouth closing sloppy wet and all.

and to think it was one year ago today that i had my last dr’s appt where they said things were already progressing.  but to relax, b/c it could take even a week before i start real labor.  hmmmm the fun started in the middle of the night (2am on the 8th) & 26 hours later….   the journey began.


3 Responses to new developments

  1. Barb says:

    pictures, we want pictures!
    Happy Birthday J!

  2. Meredith says:

    Lots of big accomplishments! They all seem to come at once. While I understand the lure of stairs, I wish they weren’t as enticing.

  3. aunt meggieweggie says:


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