requisite photos

i apologize for not posting some pics earlier.  last week was pretty busy, i guess.  aunt jo-jo & michaela came for a visit.  then we headed to gramma & grampa’s for a visit and a very helpful babysitting deal while The Mr. & i went to a friend’s wedding.

the birthday weekend was a success.  thursday (actual bday), The Mr. & i went to lunch, ran some errands, and got her pictures made.  we gave her our gift to unwrap.  i’d post the video of her unwrapping, but really, we don’t want to waste about 10min of your life watching her watch the box.  we gave her a little push/ride-on car that she has no interest in yet.  well, save for the little piece that she likes to pop off in the front.

saturday the 11th (her due date!) we had gramma & grampa, and kenny & amy & their baby over.  unfortunately, my bff wasn’t able to make it with her daughter.  but amy had made the cutest ladybug cake for the occasion (thanks, amy!) and we all enjoyed ourselves watching the babies watch each other.  we dipped in the pool and then cut the cake.  this time, we even tried ice cream.  let’s hope she does, in fact, have some grampa & me in her.  b/c at first taste, ice cream was NOT her friend.  we have good video, at least!

but here are the money shots:

actual birthday, first tastes.

actual birthday, first tastes.

ladybugs galore

ladybugs galore

(by the way— the plates/napkins came from the cutest online store! they sent me better than average emails tracking my order with poetry. was fun! the cups i had fun dotting myself. i’m quite the talent. you know, compared to the awesome freakin cakes that amy made. that were also delish!!!)

i like this birthday thing!

i like this birthday thing!

thanks to the participants.  & thanks to The Mr.  (greatest ever!) for cleaning her up & feeding her a lot of supper afterwards.
(we missed you, beck!)

5 Responses to requisite photos

  1. gramma & grampa says:

    The birthday celebration was wonderful. Babysitting Jovie was great. Any time, any place- we’d do it again in a heartbeat!

  2. Meredith says:

    Looks like a very fun time!

  3. Kelly Potter says:

    The ladybug theme was so cute! I am glad that she enjoyed most of it. I have something for her. Hopefully we can come for a visit soon!

  4. Amy says:

    Glad we were there for all the fun. I got some cute pictures of her destroying the ladybug cupcake. Too cute and super messy. Yummy! Is it too early to start plotting the theme for next year’s birthday?
    xoxo to you all

  5. […] jovie’s equally as excited for summer to be here for all of the fun we’ll have- including “mommy school“and she’s constantly wanting summer to be here so she can be five.  (don’t rush it, kid)  i’m surprised it’s all coming here before i know it.  i mean….  wasn’t i just planning her ladybug party?? […]

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