july 31st

there’s something about jovie being a year old (*gasp!) that has changed the way time has passed this month.  i remember vividly this time last year.  we were still counting her life in weeks.  somewhere down the line, we began counting in months.  and now- save for a few milestone-ish-type-sounding months, we’re likely to just brush off and say she’s a year (*gasp!).

which is somehow making this time sorta fly by.  i looked at the calendar and saw that it was just a few weeks ago that we celebrated her birthday.

yesterday, i made a remark to The Mr. how “wow- tomorrow’s the 31st…” & he responded “yes. it’s usually the day where we’d have to take a picture with zigzag.”

i promptly threw a shoe and told him to shuttup.  ok, really i didn’t –but man! why they gotta do that?  her with the growing, him with the reminding.

so, yes. today there’s no picture with zigzag.  but she’s still fighting naps like she did one year ago.  anyone have a remedy for what to do when the baby won’t nap just b/c dad is home breathing the same air??


4 Responses to july 31st

  1. grandma Katie& marshall says:

    Hi Jovie is getting to be the little lady–her hair is so pretty- Did she get our birthday card? Can’t hrdly belive she is 1 year old! they grow soo fast-
    relly enjoy all the pictures & blogs too- we are enjoying the summer it has been cool but that is michigan!-marshall had a mishap & broke his left hand but is doing good & soon will have the cast off- He is left handed too- but he is strong & manged very well!We enjoy all the pictures- hope yopu have had a nice summer too- keep us up on all thenews!
    love – grandma Katie-p.s. you will survive we have been there & done that & we are still here!!!

  2. Steph says:

    Good luck with the nap thing…neither of mine ever really got on a “regular” routine with naps. They usually took one at some point, just not always when I wanted them too or at the same time in the day. They DO grow up way too fast!!!! All in this one summer Logan lost his diapers and his floaties! 😦

  3. Meredith says:

    Little Elvis also fights the nap more when Daddy’s home. Bob is just so much more fun. One thing that really works for us is to completely wear him out. And then usually wait him out with the crying as well. Good luck with the napping!

  4. Lainey-Paney says:

    no nap because Daddy’s home?
    guess what, daddy?
    hit the road. It’s nap time.
    I’ll text you when the baby’s sleeping. Only then shall you return.

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