wow.  can i just say—– WOW.  yesterday was SUCH a good day for jovie!  it amazes me sometimes.

i was chatting with my bff becky & i said “brb.  it’s naptime.  give me 5min” & that statement alone set me back!  a year ago— i would’ve had to say  “brb. it’s naptime.  give me 2 hours”  and i wouldn’t have been joking.

so as much as i hatehatehate that she is growing up so much, there are definite advantages.  & The Mr. likes to point out all the time what a happy baby jovie is.  and how we cannot freakin’ believe that we would ever have uttered that statement about our child.

jovie has always been somewhat of a surprise to us.  we truly had no idea that babies could behave that way.  she came out of the womb unhappy.  and stayed in that place for much longer than was necessary.  so we learned early on to ease her into things.  and test the waters to get her used to things (ie: car rides to the neighborhood salary-drainer Publix*).

i’ve mentioned a few times before that she has surprised us.  she handled the Callaway trip well.  Her first pool experience was really great.  & she did fantastic for Gramma & Grampa when they watched her while we went to the Hawks game.

that was one of very few times that anyone has even babysat jovie while she was awake.  each and every time she’s been awake and left alone, g’ma & g’pa were the ones she was with.  and i think it’s mostly been a quick trip to the grocery store once or twice.

i have been apart from her very little in her 13almost14ohnoway months.  twice for 4.5 hours, a coupla times for 2-3 hours.  that’s it.

so imagine my trepidation when i decided to try & join a program called MOPS.  The Mr. is hoping that its a program that will help me learn how to want to use a mop.  unfortunately for him, MOPS is an acronym for “mothers of pre-schoolers”.  if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a playdate- for mommies.  for 2+ hours while i’m upstairs enjoying a brunch and chatting w/ other ladies, listening to guest-speakers, or doing crafts, the kids are downstairs in a daycare like setting having their own version of playtime & fun.

sounds great! right??

yesterday, they had a registration/open house.  i’ve been a little nervous about it since i found out about it.  b/c i learned that at this open house,  jovie would be dropped off in a classroom.  without me.  with other kids her age.  without dad.  in the hands/eyes of a stranger. who’s not gramma or grampa.  during what should be naptime.  without her crib. 

and before you start tsking me… i’d like to clarify that my nervousness was not about my leaving her.  nor was it really about her leaving me.  i’m not your typical mom.  my boobs don’t ache when i leave her/ hear her cry.  the fact that we haven’t been separated much has more to do with the fact that The Mr. & i aren’t comfortable making someone else deal with her when she starts nutting up.  (thanks to our friends kenny & amy for that fun term)

so my nervousness was about making the workers in the room have to deal with her.  when she’s REALLY upset, it’s hard for us even to settle her down.  nevermind being in a room w/ other babies- who, let’s face it, all glom onto other kids’ emotions.  i did NOT want a volcanic eruption of screams to boil out of that classroom.

right before i was going to leave (did i say it was during naptime, by the way….  oh, and she decided to wake up AN HOUR EARLIER THAN NORMAL yesterday!  so that just meant that naptime should’ve been much earlier) i called The Mr. who was out of town and i seriously considered the fact that it’s not fair to the other kids!   i didn’t want her to be the cause of what could be a crappy day for everyone.

but, still- i knew it was the best situation for her.  unfortunately, in spite of her nap schdule.  but she obviously needs to get away from me.  and be with kids her own age.  and learn to be w/ strangers.

it’s a really cool setup at MOPS. a real big production.  & they have beepers and badges for the mom/kids.  i knew i’d get paged if there was a need.  in any case, i went & decided that if she got to be too bad, we’d just leave.  and try again the next time. 

but (please don’t jinx it please don’t jinx it) she did FANTASTIC.  i put her down to play.  i walked over to her cubby, and she saw me and crawled towards me.  not crying, just loving.  so i grabbed her and kissed her.  and walked her back to the toys.  and i left.  and she didn’t care!

as far as i know, she only cried when someone took a toy away from her.  i went to get her and she just finished eating snack AT A TABLE.  a table!  my baby’s eating at a table!!

and, just WOW.

so we now have something scheduled the 1st & 3rd thursdays of the month.  i hope they all go well.    you know, i’m starting to wonder- if DAD brought her, would she’ve cared then??

*about Publix, The Mr. no longer gripes when he sees all the receipts for that place while we do our budget.  in fact, he is considering getting his paycheck direct-deposited there.  State Taxes, Federal Taxes, 401k, Publix….   there is a category for that, isn’t there?

title:  picture that mommy posted so she doesn't get yelled at for not posting a picture even though this isn't at all about MOPS.

title: picture that mommy posted so she doesn't get yelled at for not posting a picture even though this isn't at all about MOPS.


7 Responses to MOPS

  1. gramma & grampa says:

    She’s turning out to a beautiful toddler, just like we knew she would. How can she not be when she has such great parents! We can hardly wait to babysit her next month when you go to a Clemson football game.

  2. aunt barb says:

    I’m glad she had a good time. It will be good for both of you. Hope next week goes just as well.
    Love you

  3. Aunt Stacey says:

    Wow! I am so glad Jovie adjusted easily…these babes never cease to amaze. Unless you’ve had an EXTREMELY fussy baby you have no idea the stress a parent goes through with regards to leaving the child in the care of another – you would like to have sometime alone but because your baby is so high needs – you can’t imagine leaving her with someone else – as you are afraid the baby will drive the person nuts. (Another comment that can bring lots of stress is “just bring her along and have her hang out in her car seat” – yeah, right!) Anyway, I am glad this first foray into the world of independence went well….you guys are doing such a good job and as her parents know exactly what needs to be done to meet her needs – as evidenced by Jovie becoming such a happy and healthy baby!

  4. Meredith says:

    Congrats! I’m glad she did so well! Hopefully all of the meetings will go as well.

  5. Kelly Potter says:

    Glad she had fun. Maybe next time you will be able to enjoy yourself too! She is so cute!

  6. LJ says:

    so glad you did it. you obviously came to realize that if she was screwing things up too bad for the others, they would rescue the others and come get you. yay-you! so glad it worked out and I hope you will get something out of it, I did and still do (I am reading a book now called “Get out of your kids’ faces and into their heart” which was put out by MOPS. Love you.

  7. […] wholeheartedly agreed, but then mentioned she may surprise us.  and for a fleeting second, i thought:  hmmm yeah. she probably will.  (she’s been known […]

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