our week in bullets

  • jovie had a fever last weekend.  it lasted about 5 days. with the exception of the occasional runny nose, or sneeze — she was symptom-free.   at the recommendation of the children’s tylenol bottle, we made an appt. with the dr.  & her blood test came back that there was nothing wrong with her. (no virus, bacteria, whatever….).   
  • so we stopped taking her temperature.
  • on monday (labor day) Dad took Jovie to the park since she A. has been couped up at home all weekend, and B. decided to not nap.  —i mean, come on!  dad’s home!—  i didn’t go with them.
  • when they came home, he told me that i missed a pre-milestone of her holding onto him and walking about 20 feet barefoot in the grass!   up to this point, when we’d try to hold her, she thinks we’re helping her get down, so she sits and crawls.
  • they immediately showed off their skills!
  • gimme about 3months... and then WATCH OUT!
  • The Mr. likes to say “she’s walking”. 
  • she’s not walking.                                   YET!
  • on saturday we went to her first music class!  that’s a class where we pay a lot of money to have her watch the other kids and the lady with the guitar.
  • she loved it.
  • it’s every saturday… so i know very soon she’ll get into it.  she LOVES music!  i bet in a coupla more times, she’ll show off her signature wiggle dance.
  • (we’re missing this saturday b/c WE GET TO GO SEE GRAMMA & GRAMPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  so we’ll go this week to make it up)

last week was uneventfully eventful.  it’s currently Tuesday, and we’ve already had a decent start to this week.   stay tuned…..


4 Responses to our week in bullets

  1. Meredith says:

    Glad she’s feeling better and her symptoms weren’t too bad. That’s great about the music and the walking! Exciting times.

  2. Funky Boss says:

    Based on the title I thought you were going to mention our trip to Mogadishu.

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  4. […] year ago we began music class.  she spent most of her time staring at the teacher and the other kids.  it was the end of the […]

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