eventful tidbits

thanks for staying tuned…

so last week:

  • sunday we had our first fast food experience.  which didn’t go too well.  who’da thunk that a plain hamburger & french fries could be so detrimental!  (well, anyone who realizes she’s my  kid might’ve thunk it).  she was fine when everything was cut into little manageable bits.  but give her a fry??  she bit off a couple of pieces and then shoved the rest in her mouth (of course!)  that’s not fun, apparently.  oh, and ketchup??  no thanks! not having it!!
  • monday we were invited by a friend to go to the aquarium.  this isn’t something The Mr. & i had planned on doing anytime soon, since she’s so little.  and we certainly aren’t going to pay $50 to do so!  but since it was free (thank you, free passes!), we decided that The Mr. would have to miss out on this “first”.                 

[which, by the way, i’m very glad to not have had to pay anything… i wouldn’t’ve gotten my money’s worth for sure.  there’s a total of 4 things i remembered when i went about 4 years ago.  and 3 of the 4 things were closed!   no penguins, otters, or jellyfish.  the other thing to remember were the whales- and sadly there are only 3 now instead of the 5 from way back]

[largest aquarium in the world…..   psshaw]

  • tuesday i was giving her a bath and when i filled up her squirty bath toy and told her about the bubbles it was making, she began to say what i’m assuming is her word for “bubble”.  which pretty much took me by surprise.  all she’s been saying is “da-da” or “dah-dee”, and “kii” (kitty).  no “mama” over here.  but now, we’ve got “buh-boo”… which also sounds a lot like her version of pup-pup.         do you guys hear me?  we now have words!?!
  • which is nothing compared to the HUGS i got from jovie while i was holding her on tuesday.  all day that day, she just really grabbed onto me. i even told her out loud what a fantastic hugger she is!
  • wednesday we went back to music class b/c we were going to miss it on saturday.  she had fun and started to warm up.  we were there waaaay early, so i had to walk around and show her tons o’ stuff to keep us occupied.  one thing i showed her were the bushes of flowers outside.  so i showed her the sign for “flower” and went on our merry way.  almost at the end of music class, she saw the large window, bolted out of my lap to crawl over there…  she saw some (unflowered) bushes and began to excitedly sign “flower”.   i didn’t have the heart to tell her she was wrong.   (ha!) 
  • after her nap on wednesday it was raining, so we had to go get the mail and use an umbrella.  and as soon as i opened the door, she saw the rain coming down and signed “rain”.   ???  i haven’t shown her that in well over a week!
  • on friday, we went to greenville to see gramma & grampa.  we were preparing ourselves for this trip and the fussiness that would likely arise like they did 2 months ago.  but this time, we knew to stop at the mall of GA and blow off some steam in the playground area….      um, sssshhhhh….  don’t tell anyone.  keep this between us, but….     she was *good*!      The Mr. & i have been waiting a year for a car trip like this one.
  • which was good, b/c once we got there, that’s when she kinda lost it.  she was pretty cranky!  even grampa’s fish were not the consolation we had wanted.  (guess she’s so over fish, now that she’s been to the largest aquarium in the world!)
  • saturday we left jovie for the longest time ever b/c gramma & grampa got us clemson tickets!  (THANKS AGAIN!!)  needless to say that from her behavior on friday (and even early sat) made us a little nervous.  but i also knew that “outta sight/outta mind” is a phrase that must have come from observing babies….  i assumed that once she got over the jolt of having g’ma & g’pa get her from her nap that morning that she’d be fine.  and they said she was. 

unfortunately, it was a rainy day.  and incidentally, while we were planning on being home around 6, we actually came home at 4pm… b/c the clemson/boston college game got lightening-delayed…. TWICE!  they literally evacuated the stadium (apparently twice), and it took us a half an hour to leave our seat and go down the stairs!  so we left & eventually clemson won.  (WOO-HOO). 

  • we got home & jovie was so relieved to see us, she proved that by being cranky some more!  (they said she did well. really!).  we watched some baby einstein where she showed off her favorite word (“kii”). and she then decided to copy us when we talked about grampa’s fish.  she did the sign for that, too!

so that brings her signs up to:   more, eat (just started that on sunday), flower, rain, & fish.

  • the ride home was equally as good!  (sssssshhhhhhh)   and then a little after we got settled at home, we took her temperature b/c wow was she hot!  & there you have it… another unexplained, non-symptomatic fever.  that lasted thru yesterday.

so thanks for lasting this whole long post….  pretty busy times!   it’s amazing how busy you sound when you write all the details down.   

(sorry. no pics… can you believe it?  what kind of mom am i?  the pics we have of the aquarium are mainly of the fish. or of the back of jovie’s head…)


4 Responses to eventful tidbits

  1. Meredith says:

    Sounds like a very eventful week! I’m so glad car trips are getting better, and the communicating is just great.
    That’s too bad about the aquarium. Maybe there will be more stuff there when Jovie’s a little older.

  2. Gramma & grampa says:

    Jovie was just a joy to babysit. No problems at all. Of course we were not disappointed when the game was delayed twice and Ben & Michelle came homme earlier than expected!

  3. Kelly Potter says:

    Sounds like a fun week on new things!

  4. […] year ago, at september’s end, jovie had a vocabulary of 13 words.  she signed 6 & spoke 7 words.  standing upright, […]

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