babble on

The Mr. & i are having a ton o’ fun w/ jovie these days.  (and we say over and over what a very different kid we have!)

she’s really wanting to talk.  she babbles all day. nonstop nonsense with LOTS of inflection & hand gestures.  she prob’ly gets that from me.  (The Mr. would agree.  & likely agree that most of what i say is also nonsense).

i spend a lot of my day repeating what she says, telling her she’s right.  trying to make up a conversation to go along w/ the string of nonsense.  but i lack a lot of imagination.  a lot of “uh-huh”s & “oh really!?”s come out of my mouth.  very exciting.

but she really wants to talk.  & sign.  sometimes we watch baby einstein videos before bath.  we have 3 that show different signs, and she is so interested in them these days.  she’s always enjoyed them.  from day one…back in january… for whatever reason, i guess she saw that i signed back, she’ll look at me (or The Mr.) and get our assurance of whatever sign is being portrayed.  you can see in her face just how intent she is on watching us sign the word.

and lately she’s taken it upon herself to sit in our laps for about 5minutes before crawling RIGHT UP to the tv, pulling herself up and gluing herself to it.  constantly looking back at us to make sure …………….of what, exactly??  that we’re signing? <ok> that we think she’s damned cute?  <check>

but now she wiggles her hands a lot when she strings her “sentences” together. lots of pointing.  you know- for emphasis.  because what she’s got to say is pretty important!

the coolest thing is when she gets so excited, and then she’ll say or sign something in context.  i love that.  it’s one thing to say/sign when you see a video for the 50th time, but yesterday we went to the store and she about had a fit to tell me that there was a baby right there.  that’s one of her latest signs.  and it was really neat to me, because she saw him first.  there was no prompting or prodding at all.  so this is a sign that she’s growing up. 

….here she is, not signing or anything, but crawling around talking.  can’t you just see how excited she gets?  no doubt she said something truly wonderful.

"you can't keep me still enough to get a good shot.  hey! i want that camera!"

"you can't keep me still enough to get a good shot!"


2 Responses to babble on

  1. Meredith says:

    Love the pigtails! That’s great about the babbling and signing. It really is a fun time. And, unbelievable as this sounds, it gets cuter. Today Little Elvis told me lemonade was his favorite flavor lollipop. I didn’t know he knew the word favorite.

  2. aunt meggieweggie says:

    wow she is getting so big and so cute

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