more of the same

i know i’ve been kinda lax in posting, but really it’s because jovie is just doing more of the same.  only cuter, of course. 

she’s still talking up a storm.  it’s like almost every day we notice something new about her.  either a new word, a new sign, or a new gesture.  it’s been a crazy month!!

she’s kinda slowed down the walking efforts, and i assume it’s because she’s into the talking efforts more.  although, gramma & grampa were here 2 weekends ago and jovie decided to show off for them.  while i was on the phone in the other room, gramma even caught a picture of her walking w/ her walking toy with only ONE hand!  so i got to see it even if i wasn’t around.  (sorry i don’t have that photo)

she became interested again in that toy on my birthday.  so she’s been doing a little bit of both the past week or so.

but still, her fave thing to do is talk.  and now mimic.  (The Mr. is enjoying getting her to say inappropriate things, such as hiney- much to my prude chagrin).

let’s see…. how bout if i bore you document the things she likes to say & do:

kii = kitty,    baw= ball,    tii= bird,    mama, mommy,   dada, daddy,     up! (and now when she’s done eating that’s what she’ll say),     oh-oh,  bup!= bump,    dee-dee= baby (with sign),     wok=walk,    buh-boo=bubbles,  pup-pup or puppy,      yucky,   and hi!!  which she says a lot.  esp when she signs “phone”.

she signs:   baby, phone, kitty, more, flower, rain, milk, eat (mainly to mimic, not to actually tell us she’s hungry), fish (you should see her pucker!),  thank you, hat, daddy.

but she’ll also say “mao” when asked what a kitty says.   and she’ll growl or try to say “woof” when asked what a pup-pup says [which i have never ever growled to her for puppy…. The Mr. thinks she got that from the real dogs down the street].  

when you say something’s hot, she’ll immediately start blowing.  as well as if you talk about bubbles.    she’s starting to shake her head no (even when she doesn’t mean it!) and she blows kisses and just mimicked the “ssshhhh” sign.

she can do a high five.  & when she sees something sweet or a pic of someone (or kitty) sleeping, she’ll say “awww”  b/c she knows that’s what The Mr. & i say.   speaking of “awww”, she’ll make me do that a lot in the week because she SO knows how to love!  she’ll lay her head on my shoulder (after she says “up”) and she’ll just rub or pat my arm/shoulder.   amazing!

she can do all 4 stanzas of “if you’re happy & you know it”, and now she’s correctly anticipating a song we sing at the library. 

i’ve done a few google searches for this song. i can’t find it.  but we sing it every week…..   and she’s starting to like it.  she’ll kinda start singing what we think sounds like the beginning of the song.  so when we begin singing it, she’ll sign “baby”. ….. before we even get to the first stanza that says “when i was a little baby….”   it caught us by surprise.  all the while she shows us her big grin.

oh, and that grin now has one extra tooth on bottom.  she’s slow goin, but now there’s 7.  who knows when that other match will come in. there’s not even a speck yet!

enough with the words, here’s the fun:

i'm getting into mischief, so i'll be still for a picture.

i'm getting into mischief so i'll stay still for a pic.

i love to crawl to the TV.  you should see me when it's turned on.

i love to crawl & stand at the TV.


7 Responses to more of the same

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    Oh, how cute are those pigtails!!!???

  2. Gramma & grampa says:

    Gosh, she’s so darn cute! What’s not to love?

  3. aunt barb says:

    She is getting so big, and is a cutie! Looks like her hair is lightening up. Can’t wait to see you guys at Christmas.

  4. Meredith says:

    that’s so many words! She’s so cute, and it sounds like she’s so much fun to be around. The learning new stuff stage is such a great time!

  5. bocki says:

    li’l smarty pants. i am so amazed at all her words!! soon she’ll be telling you wassssup!

  6. Uncle Don and Aunt Sue says:

    I can’t believe how big she has gotten and she’s is precious love the pig tails. Wow won’t Christmas be fun this year!!! And quite a vocabulary (even hiney!) wish we were seeing her in person – pretty soon she’ll be old enough to be Mickey’s house bound and we’ll enjoy her then! Love to all

  7. […] well, i’ve talked a ton about how jovie talks a ton.  now i guess it’s time to move on to other […]

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