halloween 09

warning:  overload of pics coming!

since jovie’s pretty young, we planned on having a very low-key halloween.  because it was saturday, music class was that day, so we were to wear our costume to that.  our big halloween plan was to just be in costume all day long.  yippee.  she goes to bed pretty early, and doesn’t eat candy, so we weren’t going trick-or-treating anyway.

good thing.

friday night we thought jovie got out of her crib, packed her things and moved out, but brought a newborn as a decoy.  ok. so, it wasn’t quite like newborn status, but it has been a long time since we had to get up with her 5 times!  (tho, thankfully b/c of her early bedtime, that’s not as bad as it sounds.  she slept solidly from 1-6:30am)

so we pretty much knew/assumed she wasn’t feeling well (tho no fever nor stuffy nose at all, except for what happens when you cry all nite).  of course when we saw her in the light of day on saturday and saw the red nose, watery, glassy eyes, and felt her hot skin…..   ooohhhh

so our one halloween plan changed and we stayed in our halloween pj’s much of the day.  after having a newborn-ish baby again—- no sleeping, being held, crabby, miserable— we did throw some jeans on her and brave the sprinkles of rain to take her for some coffee.  (us, not her).  we needed a change in scenery!

what with the rain and everything, that pretty much delayed the start of halloween in our neighborhood.  i don’t think anyone came over until right about 8pm!  just as The Mr. got the brilliant idea that since little girl was fussy/not feeling well/didn’t sleep at all…..let’s not have the doorbell ring all night.  so we just set our candy out with a threatening note. 

and she did, indeed, sleep through the kids who rang the doorbell anyway and shouted excitedly remarking on our scary halloween fun.

apparently she needed that sleep, because she was about back to normal yesterday.   so if you’re keeping track that brings her sick count to:  2.  (plus a 5day unexplained, unobtrusive fever).

luckily, we got to use her “costume” last week when we went to our friends’ halloween party. 

without further ado:  (plenty o’ pictures for you, aunt barb!)


i'm feeling fine on oct 30th. happy 15th anniversary, mommy & daddy!


inspecting pumpkin guts


can i look any more pathetic? i'm exactly where i want to be! eating a snack on daddy's lap


i don't LOOK sick!


i'm fearless!


i'll make a scary face. or, i'll just try to get down, either way.


really, dad. not scary. i'm containing my laughter.

and- the “costume”:


scary skeleton


scary skeletons need time to play, too.


makin our way in the costume parade


9 Responses to halloween 09

  1. aunt barb says:

    Thanks Chelle!
    Love the pics. She is getting sooooo big.

  2. Gramma & grampa says:

    Gosh, what a cutie!

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    Love the skeleton! Love it!

  4. Meredith says:

    What great pics! I’m so jealous of the pigtails. And so glad that it was a short-lived bug. Hope neither of you get it next. It’s been my experience that what Little Elvis gets, I get about 3 times worse.

  5. aunt meggieweggie says:

    cannot believe how big she is getting she is beautiful

  6. Aunt Stacey says:

    Oh I love that skeleton outfit! Where did you get it?
    Those pig-tails are the best!

  7. Aunt Sue and Uncle Don says:

    Love the pig-tails – too cute. Jammies are the best costumes! She is quite bootiful! Glad she’s feeling better –

  8. grandma Katie& marshall says:

    She is no baby any more! She is getting to be a big girl-Know you enjoy her soooooooo much.
    love grandma Katie & Marshall

  9. aunt LJ says:

    Hey! We have those PJs. Too cute.

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