change o’ plans

this past weekend, we had a change of plans.  what was supposed to be a nice relaxing fun day/night hiking at waterfalls & staying at a bed-n-breakfast for The Mr. & me turned into a weekend at gramma & grampa’s house with an afternoon spent at an apple orchard.

The Mr. has been traveling these past 6 weeks.  with the exception of weekends, he doesn’t get to see jovie.  and that will continue for the rest of the year- save for the vacation time he’ll “take”. 

so it wasn’t really a good time, or the best choice for us to go away in the middle of this.  although last week, she was normal & fine with Daddy being gone, the week before that she started to notice.  and  let me assure you that it’s just plain awful to go into her room when she wakes up and realizes her dad isn’t there.  i hear her playing happily.  i open the door and 1 of 2 things would happen:

  1. she begins to cry immediately. 
  2. she hears the door open, squeals “dada!”, sees me & cries.

even the other weekend, i went to get her.  and although he was home, she still began to cry/sob/make me “chase” her around her crib.  until i said some magic words:   “do you wanna go see Daddy?”.   BOY she was fine THEN!

so we decided that now wasn’t the optimal time to leave her overnight for the first time in the care of gramma & grampa (who, just a month ago was scary to her) in their strange (not her) house.  because although we realize that’s just going to be plain awful no matter when it happens…. and she’ll definitely let them know it!….  couple that with the fact that this is the little time The Mr. gets to spend with her, throw in the other fact that she has not consistently been very fun in the car for a trip [his only time with her], and- well- we decided we should wait (even longer) for our (much needed) mini-vacation.  

but it all turned out ok. because gramma suggesting the apple orchard made our wrestling with the decision a little better.  The Mr. was excited at that prospect, because he said he’s been wanting to start a fall tradition.

and next year we know she’ll have fun.  this year, all the apples were picked (just as well.  not like she’d know what was going on anyway)


proof- there's the apples

& we just enjoyed the scenery


and fresh baked donuts. (mmmm).  we took a hayride (minus the hay??)


and we saw some animals.



although the car ride both to & from greenville were (dare i say) good, the ride to/from the orchard [about an hour each] wasn’t the best.  she was tired. and she felt as though she had to entertain gramma & me since we were in the backseat.   that = crabby!

it was a good weekend overall, though.  and it was fantastic seeing my bff & her fantastic baby, too.  and The Mr. & i did get to act like a childless couple when we went to dinner & also ran together sat & sun mornings.  …we haven’t run together in probably 3 years!

not exactly the picturesque fall foilaged waterfalls we had intended on, but there’s always next year.  (right, gramma & grampa??)

speaking of next year….  how much fun will it be to look back at THIS?:



4 Responses to change o’ plans

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    We’ll babysit any time and any place. We were happy to be part of your fall “tradition”. It was a lot of fun, I have never been on a hayless hayride before!

  2. Steph says:

    Fun!!! I want to take the boys to the orchard next year! I think it’ll be fun, and of course, make for a great photo op/ scrapbook page! 🙂

  3. Meredith says:

    Sound like a fun new fall tradition. Little Elvis is a HUGE Daddy’s boy. He loves me too, but his little face lights up when he sees Daddy’s car pull into the driveway. Maybe you can get a mini-vacation over Christmas?

  4. […] year ago, in november, we went to the apple orchard.  ok, so 11months ago…  well, in looking at pix from last year, anticipating about our […]

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