november updates

we hope everyone had a very enjoyable thanksgiving!  our trip to gramma & grampa’s house was the best yet!

The Mr. took the week off, and he did awesomely with how little work he did.  i’m sure today he paid for it though, but he made the most out of a week home. 

and jovie LOVED having him home.  of course, i did too.  because i probably only changed about 7% of the diapers!  and fed her about 35% of the meals.  plus, he started his vacation (which is my vacation too!) out perfectly by making us breakfast.  twice.

some things of note:

we bought jovie’s first pair of shoes.  i don’t think many people wait 16.5 months before doing that.  so i don’t think many kids’ first pair of shoes are a size 5!  wow.

we waited so long for a few reasons. 

1- she’s still not walking.  &  2- i dreaded how the fitting would go.

i thought it may go something like this:

not a fan of these shoes

but about 10 minutes later:

these shoes are pretty cool!

i can walk outside now.

so they are fine.  and there’s hardly any fussing when we put them on now.

The Mr. got to come with us to library time on wednesday.  there were about 10 kids total.  but it was good, b/c that let jovie come out of her shell a little, and she actually got out of my lap to choose some books on her own.
after library time, we headed to greenville.  and since the trip 2 weeks ago wasn’t a disaster, we had high hopes.
and she performed as expected in the car.  unfortunately, she only napped about an hour-  (but sleeping in the car at all is still so very new to us!)- so bedtime was a little cranky.  other than that, she handled everything so well.
grampa didn’t even scare her this time!
we were there until early saturday morning.  we took many walks in the neighborhood, and down to the park to swing & slide.  The Mr. & i even got to go for a run together while jovie played with gramma & grampa.
thanksgiving was a fun day.  she even was so tuckered out with being there & all the new!fun!places! to explore  that she took 2 naps even though she woke up close to 9am.

happy thanksgiving!

you’d think i would have a pic of jovie eating her first thanksgiving dinner.  but i was too busy shoveling in the stuffing & veggies as fast as my arms could go.  she ate turkey & mashed potatoes, too.  but they weren’t as favorite for her.  oh, and not a real fan of pumpkin pie. 
you’d also think i had a picture of her with her grandparents on thanksgiving.  but, no. 
i do, however, have a pic of her perusing the sales for black friday*:

planning the shopping day very carefully

but i guess we can settle for a day-after-thanksgiving pose with them instead:
it was really enjoyable.  jovie adjusted to everything easily, and talked up a storm & showed her personality.
crazy to think 2 thanksgivings ago, she was just a bean & we were just sharing the exciting news to family! 
my how time flies….
*we don’t actually participate in the friday shopping.
**i apologize for the formatting of this post.  i’m sure my buddy tom could tell me how to correct it—  i’ve played around with all the settings i can (html included) and it’s all running together.   very sorry.

5 Responses to november updates

  1. Gramma & grampa says:

    We all had a great time! It was over all too quickly.

  2. Meredith says:

    What sweet pics! Glad she decided to like the shoes. Did you see Lost’s debut date? It’s in February.

  3. aunt barb says:

    By the way, Jordan’s 1st pair of real shoes were a size 5, and he was 8 months….
    Glad you guys had a good time in G’ville. Can’t wait to see you guys at Christmas

  4. […] even thought maybe the addition of the new shoes would get her geared for this next big challenge.  my friend becky even gave her the cutest […]

  5. […] a year ago, in november, we went to the apple orchard.  ok, so 11months ago…  well, in looking at pix from last year, anticipating about our upcoming trip this weekend, we noticed she’s in socks.  that’s right.  because she didn’t own a pair of shoes.  (well, thanks to my sister-in-law, she did have some adorable shoes that didn’t fit her GIGANTIC feet.) […]

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