this one’s for grampa

i have shared that jovie is really exploding with her vocabulary.  (however, in just linking that last post, i see that was at the end of october, and um….. WOW how much she says now is unbelievable!)

The Mr. & i are in constant amazement. 


yesterday we were watching a baby einstein video (thanks again, beck!) & jovie was in a talkative mood.  she was sitting in my lap, & The Mr. on the couch.  the first few items came on, and she kept looking at The Mr. to tell him all the things she saw:  nose, apple, banana, monkey, moon….  each time, The Mr. & i laughing and feeling astounded.    “mah-kee” is her newest word.  and that was random enough! 

by the time the number 2 rolled around, she pretty much was done with her narration.


they made a picture out of 2 orange halves:

as soon as she saw it, she said “bok” , which kinda sounds like the southern way of saying bike.  (ha)

to which i responded:  !!!!  <blink> !!!!

of course, that was a fluke.  because “bok” could mean a few things in life,  and you know… common sounds and all. 

and i hate to admit it, grampa, but we just don’t encounter a lot of bikes in her world.  so that’s not a word we share a lot (not like monkey is either— random).  we’ve seen this video probably 3x total- about a month ago when becky first sent it to me.  and the most i would’ve said while watching back then is:  the horse made a bike out of the oranges.  how funny.

well-  today, we watched the same video & again, she said “bok” when that point (and no other) was on.  in fact, i rewound it to be sure.  then i rewound it again so i could take the picture. 

each.and.every.time she replied with bike.

so- grampa— she’s got your blood in her for sure!


One Response to this one’s for grampa

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Just another reason to love her.

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