one hundred plus

right before christmas, jovie had a mini-milestone.  it’s probably not one many people document, let alone keep up with.  but i am a little obsessive, anal proud.  to satisfy my own curiosity, and to be able to remember these moments, i began keeping up with jovie’s vocabulary.  i have an excel spreadsheet.  because i’m a dork cool.

don’t worry. i balance my obsessiveness  pride with frets & worries too.

but right before christmas, jovie’s vocabulary exceeded 100 words.  and i am still reeling from this fact.  i’ve mentioned a few times on this blog that she is talking & signing.  and i have enjoyed it immensely.  i am thankful i began the spreadsheet, because it gives us some insight.  at first she had about equal words/ signs.  then, signing really took off- seemingly quicker than the words.  and ultimately, as you would expect, she has very few signs listed in the column as opposed to words.

what floors me as much as the fact that she already says 100+ words (not mimicking.  actual word use) is how quickly she developed in this area.  that is why i began the spreadsheet.  she said her first consistent word at 13 mos.  (kii kii = kitty).  she was saying dada a WHOLE lot for a few months prior.  but she pretty much said that for just about anything.  and my anal awesome self would not mark a word on her spreadsheet until she could use the word correctly more than once.  (you may notice some evidence of my pickiness about this when she had to “prove herself” to say “bike”)

so in sept, she had 13 words. (combining signs)  in october, she learned almost 25 more.  november, she gained over 30 more (all but a few were spoken) and in december alone, she learned over 50  new spoken words and a handful of signs. 

i’ve read that kids go thru a huge vocab growth between 1.5 & 2.  and i keep wondering if she just did all that early.  but now that she’s officially 18mos (?!?) i see she still says new words all the time.  man, i wish i was still keeping track!  [jovie’s never been one to follow the books for sure!]

also, she is growing into a very polite little girl.  she wants to bless not only our sneezes (even when we’re across the house from her), but our coughs & -oops!- our burps as well.  hand her just about anything, and she says “dake-oo” almost every time.  and these are all great of course.  but the odd thing is is that we haven’t really prompted her these things.  i guess it just means that The Mr. & i are more polite to each other than maybe we realized if we  model the bless yous & thank yous, because we don’t stop what she’s doing and request that she say those things.   (yet!)

and, wow- so LOVING she is.  it’s the greatest thing.  in the middle of nothing, she’ll stop & say “kiss!” then pucker up.  and how she wants to “luuv” everything.  every!thing …she hugs so tight & makes the “squeezing noise”.   she’ll love flopsy (of course), her new “cat” (also of course), her “phone” (what?) & today at the store, she was loving the gatorade. (which she doesn’t even know anything about).

she’s a lotta fun. 

mandatory photo so i don't get accosted by the masses (read: The Mr.)


5 Responses to one hundred plus

  1. Steph says:

    Once they start talking they don’t stop! You will continue to be amazed at how much she will say…and WHAT she says! 😉 So cute!!!

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m glad you guys are having so much fun now. And her list of words is very impressive! Little Elvis was a late talker, so I think he had about 17-20 words right before he turned 2. Do you think signing helped?

    • mpotter says:

      We do think that signing has helped her pick up language. Interestingly, though, for quite awhile she signed different words than what she spoke.

  3. Kere says:

    that’s great she is picking it up so quickly! I like that you are teaching her sign language as well. Very cool!

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