my timing has been off in posting recently.  i had a plan last week, but was never able to get anything posted (obviously).

it was a fairly difficult week because jovie’s timing was off.  and cranky babies don’t make for easy blog posting capabilities.  cranky babies, do however, make easily cranky mommies.  especially mommies who are schlepping the cranky alone.

(any single mom out there— my biggest praises!)

so, FINALLY, our timing was right 2 weekends ago, and The Mr. & i were able to get away.  we went to Warm Springs, GA and stayed at a B&B while gammy & gampy* watched jovie.  everyone apparently had a good time.  we got a very good report!  (thanks thanks thanks again, y’all!!!)

while The Mr. & i toured “the Little White House” & learned all about FDR**, jovie played & ate & napped very well.  & while we went out to dinner, jovie went to bed fairly well considering she’s only been put down by one of us.  after just a little bit of fussing, apparently she slept through the whole night.

which is YAY!  because sunday when we returned, had a normal day, and a normal bedtime routine—  jovie decided to break all hell loose.  she woke up & cried/screamed for 3 hours.  unless, of course, we were holding her.  at first, i thought it was endearing.  “ooohhh, she wants to be sure we’re still here….  how sweet”.   ummm, yyeeeeaahhhh.  i changed my tune rather quickly when that didn’t prove to be the case.

we even went to the dr. monday morning b/c after she woke up for the day at 6am, Dr. Google indicated it could’ve been classic ear infection.  our dr. even thought the same.  until she peeped into those ears, nose, eyes, throat, whateverelse…   nope.  fine.  “i see nothing”.

the rest of the week proved that jovie’s timing was pretty off in her sleeping.  naps weren’t as long as she’s accustomed to.  days started earlier than any of us are accustomed to.  and more fitful night sleepings.  all culminating to thursday night where she pretty much repeated sunday night.  (and added an hour for FUN).  

luckily, the rest of the weekend went more smoothly & normal.  so we’ve all been in better spirits.  

she’s currently listening to music [“mee-koo”] & playing w/ all the dvd’s & games in our cabinet while i’m posting this now.  i just didn’t want too much time to pass.  or we might all forget what jovie looks like.

here she is at the aquarium 3 weeks ago when we went with my brother & his family.  [Thanks again, Rick & Kelly!….   jovie STILL talks about reagan & cameron.  we had fun]

even Flopsy enjoys fish!

*gammy & gampy are the new (temporary? permanent?) names of gramma & grampa.  seems jovie finally gave them her own spin.

** the only pic i have of this vacation is one of the “unfinished portrait” which is on my phone.  which i don’t have a memory card for.  so a lotta good that does me.


2 Responses to timing

  1. Steph says:

    The good days far outweigh the cranky not so good ones!!! Glad you two were able to get away!!!

  2. […] 3rd time).  it was good.  i don’t have a great shot of her, but i do like to showcase the differences: flopsy still enjoys the […]

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