other developments

well, i’ve talked a ton about how jovie talks a ton.  now i guess it’s time to move on to other developments….   

and the lack thereof.

i can’t believe it was in september that i mentioned jovie letting us walk her for the first time!  (14mos).  because here we are 5 months later…  and still not walking. 

we even thought maybe the addition of the new shoes would get her geared for this next big challenge.  my friend becky even gave her the cutest clemson squeaker shoes…  i thought maybe she’d walk in them just to hear the squeaks.  but no.

her limit for letting us walk with her is quite, um, well, limited.

when jovie was a year old we were mildly concerned at how little she seemed to be advancing in this area.  but we also know that jovie has her own “timing” about things.  for instance: we were also mildly concerned at that time because she didn’t have any words yet.  and i was concerned b/c she didn’t make her first consonant babble (other than /d/ dadadada) until 9mos.  … HA!  haha!

so, instead of accepting the help that could’ve been offered at a year old, we wanted to “wait & see”.  because, like i said, jovie seems to blossom at her own rate.  so, we waited.  and we saw. 

she enjoys walking w/ her walking toy.  and cruising.  and she has stood up on her own a couple of times.  & we also got to watch her take her first steps unaided on the day after she turned 1 1/2!

but that is pretty much the extent of it.  she walks (on her own) about 8-10 steps in a day.  and in the past few weeks, she has taken to walking on her knees.  (poor poor purple knees!)  she knows crawling is MUCH faster.  so that’s her preferred mode of transportation.

so we looked into (and are continuing to look into) the why-nots.  and what we learned is that it really does pay for me to be over-neurotic about all of her skills & nuances.  in fact, i should’ve spoken up a bit more about this “funny gait” as i liked to mention.  & maybe i should’ve questioned more when the feet would become less flat.  the books have told me all that fixes itself when she’d begin walking.

but she’s not walking b/c it seems as if she has forefoot pronation. basically, the funny gait i’ve witnessed is her almost standing on the inside of her ankle.  her feet are extremely flat, which i think is contributing to this. 

so, now— we are going to look into this & how to best help her.  we are going to begin physical therapy & she will be fitted with special shoes.  and apparently, once that takes hold— watchout! 

we shall see….

<I. O. U. a cute video of her taking a few steps in front of a giant exercise ball…   i couldn’t get the thing finalized & uploaded in time for this post.  just imagine how cute it is.>


4 Responses to other developments

  1. Gramma & grampa says:

    When Jovie gets her new shoes, watch out world, here she comes!

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m glad you were able to find an answer. I’ve not heard of that. Little Elvis’ cousin didn’t walk until after he was 18 months old. I thought maybe Jovie was just focusing so much on the language that she wasn’t as interested in the walking. I hope the shoe fitting goes well! And start stretching now, because little ones can be difficult to keep up with!

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