snow day!

what a fun weekend we had!  [apparently we weren’t the only ones, of course.  yesterday, The Mr. shared that 49 of the 50 states had snow somewhere on the ground.  that’s pretty incredible!……      but nowhere else was there snow + jovie!  and that was a lot of fun!]

first, there was this:

(which is considerably different than her other snow picture last march!)

then we held her and walked to the stopsign on our street, where daddy then took over:

snow AND daddy! best day EVER!

then since she was perfectly excited & acclimated, she decided to walk around in it:

we love her "oooh" face she does when surprised.

then she decided to try to walk in the grass.  which she normally enjoys.  but when it’s covered in snow and she doesn’t have appropriate snowgear, well…  we didn’t last long here:

(it looks like it’s almost up to her knees…. not quite)

so we went inside, and Daddy started a fire.  then he made hot cocoa for us big people.  not wanting to remove jovie from the moment, i made her her first chocolate milk.  yummm!

we played and hung out the rest of the day.  and then we slept & woke up to this:

2 hours later, it was warmed up & had begun to melt. so we went to play walk in it one last time:

and tried to go in it again:

mom, can't ya see? i'm not a fan. get me some appropriate footwear please

jovie has enjoyed daddy’s snowman from inside the house much better than up close and personal.  everytime she went by the front door, we hear “snowman, dada”. 


it was fun sharing this with her, having her walk around!  especially considering that this was the first weekend she did that very much.  every day she spent more and more time walking.  with us, and without us.

in fact, yesterday she walked for 7minutes all around the front yard.  … without us.  constantly bending/standing.   she made some FANTASTIC gains this weekend.  it was so much fun to watch.  we assume she’s finally having the desire outweigh the frustrations & she’s learning to compensate. 

which makes us feel much better, because this whole “diagnosing” thing is taking forever!  we’re glad to see she’s wanting to walk inbetween.  in fact, we are amazed at how much time she spent vertical this weekend!

look y’all-  footprints!


9 Responses to snow day!

  1. grandma Katie& marshall says:

    You got michigan weather!!! That is what we have every year!!!Looks like Jovie is enjoying it too-So happy that she is going on her own she will be fine Marshall always say things are fixable You have to worry when they are not!!!so be postive!-she is so sweet & you dress her so cute love her hats!!love the snowman! ben has his dads sence of humor!!!!hehe-
    thanks again for the update! sweet lady!

    love to you 3
    Grandma Katie & marshall

  2. Meredith says:

    What fun pics! I love her toboggans (that’s what we call snow hats in Mississippi.) So glad that you were able to have so much fun in the snow together! Yay for Jovie!

  3. Gramma & grampa says:

    Look out! Here comes Jovie.

  4. Steph says:

    Love all the pics!!! Looks like you all enjoyed some good family time! 😉

  5. Kere says:

    she is SUPER cute! we enjoyed 3 feet of snow!

  6. Kelly Potter says:

    So glad she got to WALK in the snow! I bet she feels like a big girl!!

  7. aunt LJ says:

    Awesome. She looks great! Love the snow pix. My girls are jealous, me-not that much. I do good to get the kids out of the house with shorts and flip-flops. The snow gear might just about put me over the edge-hahaha.

  8. […] girl, big bed one year ago, it snowed, and jovie was learning to walk.  one year ago today was the last time we nursed.  and even a […]

  9. […] year ago, it snowed, and jovie was learning to walk.  one year ago today was the last time we nursed.  and even a […]

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