bonafide update

jovie cracked up  early last week when i declared her a “bonafide toddler”.

the next day, not surprisingly, after i said that again, she did her best to mimic the word.  that was cute.  but not nearly as cute as when she copied me in saying her hair is atrocious. 

but, yes.  jovie is a bonafide toddler.  in that she definitely prefers toddling over any other method of movement.  wait.  strike that.  her most welcomed method of movement would (of course) be in her daddy’s arms.  but walking?  a very near second.

maybe it shoulda snowed earlier.  like mayhaps october.

because that weekend marked her excited efforts into this world of upright.  by that tuesday she stopped crawling.  & when “gammy” & “gampy” came to visit this past weekend, she tried to go thru the tunnel of blanket we had in a crouching/standing position.  this crawling thing is SO last week, y’all!

the only time i see her crawl now, is when she wants to run.

yeah. you read that right.  for the past few months, she’d say “run run run” and crawl really fast.  yes. it’s as cute as you’d imagine.  earlier this week, she was outside and feebly attempted a real run.  she said the words and walked maybe a hair faster.  (thank goodness she hasn’t mastered it yet!)

what i am noticing nowadays is that all of her toys are boring.  even the new one she hasn’t spent much time with.  because what could possibly be more fun than walking??  one plus is that it makes it easier for her to clean up!

one (major) minus is that it’s kinda hard to keep her occupied.

and that picture i showed of snow day where she’s sweetly holding her daddy’s hand…..   well, those days are gone, too.  she wants to walk by her self.  which is great.  except when she wants to walk in a store or street.

so we spend a lot LOT lot of time listening to music.  it’s about the only thing that can keep her occupied-ish for longer than a few minutes.   that and books.  she still loves to look at her books.  even if it’s only just to name them and toss them and grab another from the shelf.   

the music is fun, though.  (although no doubt i should get some more for our repetoire).  she actually sings.  ok.  sorta actually sings.  she doesn’t carry a tune or anything, but she says some of the words that are coming up.   (although when i sing her lullabies and she copies me, the one song that i’ve completely had to make up b/c i don’t know the words, i hum at the end.  she’s been humming with me for a long time now & it cracks me up even more when she sings all these songs with me!)

here is a text-example of how she’ll sing:   “tinkle…tinkle…….star….wonderrr……..uppalike eye……..tinkle tinkle”    (uppalike eye = up above the world so high…. like a diamond….)

so with all this walking she’s doing, we have a LOT of confidence that when she finally gets her braces next week, she will indeed learn how to run!  (oh no).

we went to an orthopedist this week, and everything has appeared to develop normally with her hips/spine/alignment and such.  we will also continue working with a physical therapist, but we’re both already excited by what she’s doing on her own.

(how coincidental is it that RIGHT THIS MOMENT on TV is the scene in forrest gump where jenny tells forrest to “run forrest run” and he just knocked his leg braces right off……)

run, indeed!

"walk in grass!"

{do y’all notice her battle scar already??  even when she was crying and i was consoling her, she was saying thru the tears/screams  “down…..walky”}

[& thanks for the cute outfit, aunt stacey! ]


6 Responses to bonafide update

  1. aunt barb says:

    Thanks for the updates (what I really mean is thanks for the pics!)
    Love you guys

  2. grandma Katie& marshall says:

    Happy that things are coming along good- She looks so sweet-Her out fit is cute! We are still in winter but a very mild one[thankgoodness]- we got lucky!

    thanks again for the pictures & keeping us informed!
    you are a sweet lady!
    hi to Ben!

    love xoxo

    Grandma katie & marshall

  3. Meredith says:

    Yay! Walking is lots of fun. It’s so great that she likes music and to sing. Sigh. Jealous of that. Little Elvis will let me chant to him at least.

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  6. […] year ago, it snowed, and jovie was learning to walk.  one year ago today was the last time we nursed.  and even a year ago, she was still backwards […]

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