braces & shoes

jovie is a walker.  funny how “new” that still is to us.

she was fitted with her braces last week, and she wasn’t too thrilled at first.  but then, she was having a contraption put on her foot (error #1) that was re-aligning what she normally feels (error #2).  she handled it very well, though.  we were surprised at how little she fought.

problem was that her cute tennis shoes she’d been wearing- which were less like tennis shoes and more like cute- were a tad small to fit all the velcro and plastic on her feet.  besides, those shoes were for the “not yet walking” set.  she now needs something more sturdy [regardless of the braces].

so they offered some huge-ass shoes that were as bulky on top as they were on the bottom.  these are not as horrible as you can imagine, but they still had the look of ‘cement blocks tied to your feet’ in a “cuter” fashion.   *note to company:  maybe next time, don’t make these huge-ass shoes in the color cement block grey, ok?  it was a little too distracting.

not having a choice, because they don’t recommend walking on the braces w/o shoes (what with the plastic bottoms), we put those shoes on her (that i swear, even tho they weren’t high-tops, they seemed to come up to her shin!)

jovie stood up…..    and promptly fell over.           TIMBER!

so we tried again…………   TimmmmBER!

luckily, they’re not required.  so on friday, i took her to get some tennis shoes that are also bulky, but only as compared to her other shoes.  and we went up to a 6 wide — and boy are they wide.  what with holding everything in. 

the PT had suggested that once wearing the braces, she may decline in her walking, since she had to get used to a new feel/position. 

but not jovie.  once her tears dried up (there’s a lot of shoving over the velcro straps) she was all over that store! 

and has pretty much been all over the place even still.  so she’s not apparently bothered by having the braces on. 

as far as stability- it’s hard for us to truly see how much it affects her walking.  the first day, we swear she was more stable.  but since then, we don’t think she’s less stable, for sure.  but it’s not as evident. 

all i know is she looks like your typical toddler learning how to walk.  she walks and walks and walks. (and walks and walks) then she’s on the ground. so she gets up and walks some more.

we wonder why she’s not sleeping longer after such long days of walking!  truly—  her toys are so much less played with these days.  and her favorite thing to do is “walky in the grass”.

she’s 20 months old today.  which i wouldn’t normally report, but since it is the actual day, i thought it worth mentioning.  and on sunday, she lost the last semblance of baby when we got her a car seat that turns her around.

and boy, does she enjoy her “big girl car seat”.

hmmmm, i think i’m going to go look at my archives now.  because a year ago was so VERY different!….

(sorry, no picture of her walking, because she spends much of her time walking away from me.  ….    but enjoy her new seat:)



5 Responses to braces & shoes

  1. Meredith says:

    Wow! Glad she likes the shoes and didn’t need an adjustment period.

  2. aunt barb says:

    Thanks for the update Chelle. Glad to know she’s doing so well. Can’t wait to see her (oh yeah, you and Ben too.)
    Love ya.

  3. grandma Katie& marshall says:

    wonderful news-She will be fine! happy that things are going good- our snow is almost-gone & we can see grass- we have had a beautiful winter for michigan!

    love to you 3
    hi to ben

    Grandma Katie & marshall really enjoy the pictures!

  4. aunt LJ says:

    Lookin’ good. Keep up the good work! Her singing reminds me of Tyler (at the same age-ish) singing “Jingle Bells”. “dee-da bell, dee-da bell, m-m-m-m-way…m-m-fun………….” you get the picture. I still hear her version in my head at Christmas when this song is played.

  5. Lainey-Paney says:

    ditto: Lookin’ good!

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