new pix

i never seem to have the camera around these days.  or if i do, jovie just walks on by & i have more pictures of the back of her head than i really need.

the other day, we were doing her favorite activity:  “walky in the grass!” & while i was sitting there watching her walk aimlessly outside, i snapped a few shots.

where to, now?

aha! i know!!

she goes to walk in “the meat” which are really just the rocks in our yard.  and i have never given her food that looks like these pebbles.  but WHATEVER! 

"help.... i try!"

"yay! did it."

i'll just perch myself along the gate here...

incidentally, when i   A) saw her do that & B) saw the picture, i immediately thought of James Dean.  all she needs is the open bomber jacket & to throw out her gang sign:

this past weekend, i’ve been getting stuff organized (or trying to, anyway).  and i dug out jovie’s old bathtub.  funny how she has only been out of that tub as long as she was in it.  (10 1/2 months).

she seemed to enjoy the new toy hanging around:

meanwhile, sorry it’s been 2 weeks since the last post.  i guess i shoulda posted last week about the fabulous time Gramma & Grampa had with jovie while The Mr. & i went to the big city for the night. 

she’s a pretty impressionable kid.  because the day we came home, we heard a lot about the “sticky donuts” from dunkin donuts.  & the next day, when i had my computer up, i heard a lot of “bike rides!” because she spent some of the weekend in grampa’s lap watching bike races on the computer.

come to think of it, just yesterday when i got her from her crib, her first word to me was “grampa!”

(thanks again, guys!!)

hopefully i’ll post again before another 2 weeks is up.  thanks for visiting!


3 Responses to new pix

  1. Meredith says:

    Very cute! There was a time when our camera was just full of pics of the top of Little Elvis’ head. I’d pull the camera out and he’d run to me before I couuld snap the picture.

  2. Aunt Stacey says:

    Aww…she is getting so big! Adorable pictures!

  3. Steph says:

    She’s getting so big!!!

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