look y’all, i’m famous!

we went to the park a couple of weeks ago, and a lady asked if jovie could be photographed for the parks & rec catalog.  however, i was there, and i saw pretty much no good pictures to come out of it.  most of the time was spent with her fingers in her mouth.  or absolutely not doing any of the cute ideas the lady requested. 

i don’t think she was very in tune to toddlerhood:   “hey, can you look right here, through the bars? …. jovie! …. look here….   can you bend down and look between the bars?”——–  i mean, please don’t tell me that YOUR toddler takes photographic direction as well as a model.  let me continue to think that squatting down and saying “no” is pretty much par for the course.

and the 2 times i saw a picture-perfect cuteness, the lady was way far away.

but, i don’t think this one turned out quite so bad:     


3 Responses to look y’all, i’m famous!

  1. Meredith says:

    Very cute! You’ll have to bring out her first modeling shoot photos when she brings home dates.

  2. Aunt Stacey says:

    She is definitely the cutest kid on that publication! How fun!

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