belated easter

Easter was a whirlwind for us.  We had gramma, grampa, aunt jo-jo, & rianne (my great-niece) come and it was fantastic.  jovie had fun looking for the eggs, and even found 2 that were somewhat harder.  the easter bunny had to be sure to hide for both jovie and rianne- a big kid.

sorry, no good pics from that.

but here she is on easter day:

gramma & grampa left after easter dinner & aunt jo-jo (my sister) was AWESOME enough to stay with jovie for the week while The Mr. & i went to vancouver!  jovie LOVED it.  she really enjoyed playing with rianne. we were gone tues-sat and she did very well.  (since baths were optional…  ha!).

of course, The Mr. & i had a great time in vancouver.  the weather really ended up holding out for us.  our last 2 days were even perfectly sunny [yet windy/cold] days. 

we went on 2 suspension bridges, walked in some treetops, saw a few waterfalls, had a gorgeous drive up to whistler, and enjoyed spending a lot of time at stanley park and in downtown.

how could you NOT love this?

Queen Elizabeth Park- highest point in Vancouver.

 don’t worry- jovie got to go to “Linda’s Playhouse” on this day play with all the toys.

one of the many views in Stanley Park

while we saw this, jovie went to library time, which you all know she loves! 

hard to see the mountains because of the clouds

oh, and this was the day she got to go walk around & look at all the stuff at “Monkey Joe’s”.

so you see, it was a vacation for EVERYBODY!


4 Responses to belated easter

  1. Meredith says:

    Very fun! Glad you all got to enjoy your vacation! I am still trying to digest last night’s events on Lost and am still not sure what to think, let alone write!

  2. aunt LJ says:

    So jealous of your trip. Looks awesome and definitely somewhere I’d always wanted to go. Glad Jovie survived w/out you guys and vice versa.

  3. aunt barb says:

    Mini Me (actually mini you)

  4. […] jovie really enjoys being outside.  when my sister kept her for us, we told her it would be pretty easy to while away the time just by letting jovie walk […]

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