word associations

jovie continues to explode verbally.  it’s so much fun to talk to (& with) her.  it’s an interesting conundrum of trying to engage in basic conversation.  she pretty much sucks at answering questions.  everything is still usually a “no” or a rare “yes”.

as in:  did you go to library today?  “no!”       did you eat pizza for supper?  “no!”       did you see Miles at the park?  “no!”        did you go swimming today?  “yes!” ……    when, in fact- all of those answers would indicate “opposite day”.

so her verbal skills are fantastic.  sentences.  hard words.  weird words.  you expect her to be able to answer day to day convo questions.  but alas- she’s still just a year and a half.

but her memory is fantastic, and that is what i have always credited her language ability to.  she remembers things after hearing them, oftentimes,  just once.

and she has the funniest associations…    some examples that come to mind:    

a few days after coming home from vancouver, we were playing in the backyard, and jovie was walking around, talking up a storm & spouting out whatever words were coming to her mind.  many were words related to being outside in the yard.  until she began saying “july! …. july!”

my only idea is that aunt jo-jo must have said to her something about seeing her again in july.  and i’m also guessing that they were outside when she said it.  that really stuck with her.  so i told her that she’ll get to see aunt jo-jo in july around her birthday.  later that afternoon, we were playing, and she picked up a stamper that she knows says happy birthday.  so she picked it up, and said “happy birthday….. july!”

now she can answer the question ‘when is your birthday’.      that is……if she chooses.

another fun association is when the other day, she kept telling me she wanted to go outside via the front door.  she thinks it’s such a treat.  so she walked back and forth and all around saying “monique.  monique.” 

monique is one of her therapists.  and also pretty much the only person who uses our front door.   back in mid-february & march, the front door was ususally paired with “dada snowman“. 

another question she can answer if she chooses is how to spell her name.  The Mr. was pretty surprised one day a few weeks ago when we greeted him outside, and I said “Jaaay…..” and jovie finished the rest of it.

she’s gotten better with it, and now can start the J on her own.  but sometimes her associations get in the way, because on more than a couple of occasions we hear “J-O-V-I-EIO….spelllls jovie!”  [for those of you who haven’t sung kids’ songs in quite a bit, that’s pretty much the main chorus of Old MacDonald]

about 1/2 the time she says hi to yiminy (our grey cat), she’ll run and find CAT (her grey stuffed cat). 

when she sees one of her stuffed animals for the first time in a while, she says an excited “good moorrrnin!” oblivious to the time of day.   [as an aside, i often wonder how to greet her after a nap.  i usually end up saying good morning myself, even tho it’s 3pm.  i wonder where she gets this from.]

when she sees & hears numbers, she recognizes that they are numbers (but not the numerals themselves) and counts to 13.  sometimes she skips #7.  but who needs 7 anyway?     The Mr. & i needed a minute to figure out why she began counting in the backseat.  it’s because Tommy Tutone’s Jenny was on the radio.  come on, sing it with me—–   8675309 yyyine.

she is getting better at singing songs when she chooses to & sings many of them.  she’ll hear a random word of conversation & break out into a song that has the word in it.   one example is that it did happen to rain a coupla weekends ago when i got to enjoy a gals’ weekend with my BFF.  so The Mr. got to enjoy a fun activity of watching the rain fall & singing “rain rain, go away”.  so it wasn’t a big surprise when i came home & greeted jovie, i asked her if she missed mom while she was away…..    then she finished the song.

all this makes me wonder if she’ll keep up associations when she begins school & has to study.    but for now, daily life with jovie is pretty damn fun.


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