a week or two ago, jovie & i went with some other friends to Noah’s Ark which is an animal rehabilitation center & children’s home that is fairly close by us.  it’s pretty neat what they do there- letting both the animals & children rehabilitate each other.

i haven’t been to a zoo in over a decade, and the animals here were close by.  well, if you can look past the double fences.  although, as you’ll soon see, some animals were TRULY close by.

jovie liked it for the most part.  she was not a fan of the peacock who (naturally) got scared (of all the bigger kids trying to chase/hold/pull it).  have y’all ever heard a peacock?  no?  yeah, well i hadn’t either.  maybe they’re not so bad when they’re not so scared.  or maybe that LOUDNESS is their normal voice.  jovie was not a fan.  at all.  and its noise was quite grating.  she loved seeing it strut its stuff.  and she laughed when he jumped on the table.

"look! peacock"

she kept saying “shiny!” because up till now, her only encounter with a peacock has been in the book Tails.

we strolled around a lot and saw a smorgasbord of animals.  though pretty cool in concept, i was a little disturbed that you could hear the electricity in the fences of the lions, tigers, & bears [oh my!]

ostriches are tall (duh) and have no regard for their eggs that they just happen to lay wherever.  and they don’t sit and hatch them like you would imagine.  or even put them in a nest. 

the wolf looked pretty.  much like a husky-dog or something.  so it’s a little odd to try to relate to it and say “big bad wolf…huff & puff etc.”

the monkeys were playful (too playful for my camera to find a good shot).

and jovie thought it would be fun to follow this duck:

but i couldn’t get her out of the stroller fast enough to be near the bunny that somehow escaped where all the other bunnies were.

buffalo & emu aplenty.  plus 2 massive massive snakes, and quite a few parrots/birds.

when asking her about her day and what she saw? …..  “kitty”.

because, yes.  when we went in first thing to give our donation & sign in, the owner’s kitty cat was up on the counter.

guess i coulda just stayed home with these 2 pals:


4 Responses to animals!

  1. Gramma says:

    Ah, that’s still cute. I’m sure she loved every minute of it.

  2. Steph says:

    Fun! I remember when peacocks would walk around at part of Riverbanks…I don’t ever remember hearing them though! Funny!

  3. Meredith says:

    Looks like a cool place! As for peacocks, one my aunt’s neighbors had a pet peacock (no idea why) and she said that it screamed every night and that the screams sounded like a woman screaming. It scared her son.

  4. […] went back to Noah’s Ark with Gramma & Grampa when they came for Easter: did you know peacocks sat […]

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