weekend discovery

sometimes for fun, we sit with jovie at the computer (in the “big girl seat”) and google a bunch of images for her.  whatever she says.

all the animals we can think.  day to day objects (toaster, anyone?), and lately she’s been really trying to determine a trumpet or flute in some of our songs.

so this weekend, she wanted to see a flute.  and we decided to let her hear a flute.  but what The Mr. found was nothing short of incredible.  we pretty much spent any time at the computer this weekend listening & searching youtube for the most amazing flautist i’ve ever seen/heard.

greg pattillo is nothing short of amazing, y’all.

here is the first (and my fave) that we found.  super marios theme song: awesome-fied!

and if you’re not wowed by that…. go find the one where he ALSO plays piano!


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