oh how i’ve lagged in the blogging department. 

topics for me to write about either come and go, or they get saved for later when i can adequately post about them…    and then i forget to.

so, yeah- about a month ago we went back to the orthopedist for a check-in. we saw the (original) physician’s assistant as well as the orthopedist.  not exactly sure why that was, but OK.  both were pleased with how much jovie was walking, standing, etc…   both were pleased to hear our report of the fact that she stumbles less and had been climbing more.

in fact, this was a rare occasion that they got to see jovie in action.  she was walking all around, and getting into nooks & crannies in the room.  usually in a setting like that, she wants to either:

  1. cry
  2. sit in our laps  or
  3. cry in our laps. 

so i believe they got a true picture when they both said she doesn’t really need to wear her braces anymore.  which made me happy because- hello! sandal season!!.  i felt a little guilty everytime i wanted her to wear a cute outfit that defied sneakers.

we went and got her new shoes because the other ones were so very worn.  (being a stumbly new walker will do that, i suppose!)  and oh! was i horrified.  absolutely horrified to realize that we had been cramming jovie’s feet (and braces) in a size 6 shoe.  she was clearly a size 6 1/2 now…  and upsizing to a size 7 for growth.

and whatever is growing her feet may also be in her hair.  because i know you can’t tell from that picture, but she is straight-up 80’s styling it with the pony on top of the ponytail.  y’all- her hair is at her shoulder blades. 

we call this the "afternap" look. it's all the rage!

oy vey.

i should also mention how her therapy is going, but she’s actually waking up from her nap now, and instead of saving this for later- i’d better actually just post already!


3 Responses to progress

  1. Steph says:

    Progress sounds amazing! She is getting so big, and I love the “afternap” look!

  2. Meredith says:

    Yay! That’s so great about the braces. She looks so happy in both pictures.

  3. Stacey says:

    She is really, really adorable! Glad to hear she is making such good progress. And Jovie’s feet sound like they are a nice size…Sophia’s first pair of shoes at 11 months were a 5 1/2 Wide!

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