she’s 2!

a fun whirlwind weekend.  i’m just now able to post b/c we’ve also enjoyed some activities this week.  got my pix uploaded and such….

so friday was jovie’s birthday and we went for the 2nd annual professional portraits.  then we ate at the same mexican restaurant as last year for lunch.

one of the many great pix we have

gramma & grampa came after her naptime, so it was a lot of fun for her to see them again.  i made a meal she has always liked and she decided to whine throughout dinner and have a battle to eat any of it.  argh!

so we got through dinner and it was time to open the presents from The Mr. & me.  and from that moment on— the whole weekend could’ve been done.  just done!

she loved her doll/stroller.  and we went outside so The Mr. could bring down her kitchen….  and she didn’t want to come back in.  so i promised her there’s another surprise.  and then she loved that and immediately began offering food to the baby from her kitchen.

this is all i ever wanted in life

"are you hungry, baby?"

then it was time for the slice of cake we bought.  she blew out the candles before we even got a good pic! 

look at dad, all dainty with the fork.

we found out the easiest way to keep kids off sweets—-

give them the most AWESOME. BIRTHDAY GIFT. EVER.  because then they’ll leave their cake totally unfinished.  (bonus for mom and dad!)  to go play and “stroll” with the baby. 

”]”]she was insistent that we “stroll to cheri’s house”…  so we did take the baby for a walk and made it almost to the stopsign.  she couldn’t have been happier.

surprisingly, bedtime went normal and fine.

we woke up on party day and the first thing out of her mouth was “baby!” (whom she slept with of course….  only because we wouldn’t let her sleep with the stroller!)

we all went to breakfast and then played until lunchtime.  it was easy to do.  the kitchen and baby kept her extremely occupied.

she napped well, and when she woke up, her godmother (my niece) michaela drove all the way here to play with her.  [thanks again, michaela and natalie!  WOW]

then we decided to not wait for party guests because a storm was threatening.  so The Mr. and the girls took her swimming while they could. 

then jovie’s guests arrived and enjoyed some time in the pool while grampa so graciously decided to do the grilling so The Mr. could enjoy more pool-time.  they all seemed to have a lot of fun swimming, being tossed, and sitting on the steps.

after supper, the kids ran around the backyard, chasing the best bubbles ever and finally came in and played a little then the adults came in and jovie opened up her gifts.  everyone was so generous— THANK YOU.  she got quite a few really cute outfits (yay for me!), some food for her kitchen, lots of drawing supplies (even for the bathtub!) a great music book/CD and the leapfrog fridge phonics and leaptop computer.  (awesome!!)

she participated very well in the opening of everything— mom couldn’t be fast enough. before the thank yous could come out of my mouth, she’d hurriedly sign “thank you” and rip open something else.  she seemed to have fun with the idea.

afterwards, we enjoyed our cupcakes and rendition of happy birthday not once, but twice…. thanks to our friends for humoring us (and suggesting) because it didn’t record the first time.

is a cupcake healthy if it has fruit on top? what if the blueberries are organic?

i can dig this birthday thing!

(nothin’ says happy 2nd birthday quite like a case o’ beer!)

she didn’t mind a bit!

what a fabulous weekend.  she legitimately had fun, and that was something i think surprised The Mr. & me.   glad we have a whole ‘nother year before the next one!


8 Responses to she’s 2!

  1. Meredith says:

    Sounds like a great time! Love the pics.

  2. Aunt Stacey says:

    So freakin’ adorable….I can’t take it! Wish we could have been there to celebrate! Hope the talking fridge letters don’t drive you guys nuts!!

    • mpotter says:

      and thanks for thinking of us.

      no, they haven’t driven me nuts… yet… tho i will say that i certainly know what sound the letter b makes!

      we love ’em (:

  3. Aunt Stacey says:

    Oh and I love the professional picture..sitting on the number 2 block is just too much fun!

  4. Steph says:

    Cute! Both my boys LOVED their LEAP fridge magnets (Austin’s K5 teacher even had them in her room)!!! Great to occupy her while you cook! 😉 Happy belated, Jovie!

    PS…She looks a little like Tyler to me!

    • mpotter says:

      hi steph-
      yes! we see a LOT of LJ’s girls in her.
      mostly delaney (especially during bathtime and in the stroller pic above) but i see tyler and cam as well.

      she’s DEFINITELY a potter baby!

  5. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Jovie was adorable. We had as much fun as she did. Can’t believe she’s 2!

  6. […] to press RECORD on the camcorder for many of her birthday gifts, and her birthday cake/song.  that’s twice now  glad we have a pic since no […]

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