the winner is…

the day after the other big bike race, i’d like to introduce to you the winner of the Tour de Greenville:


i believe this was the famous stage 13, coming around the honda.

coming down the homestretch. a knowing, winning smile!

here's jovie running her victory lap towards her adoring fans

captured: the lesser-known ritual of ringing the victory chimes!

Jovie would like to thank her entire pit crew for being so supportive.  (that would be Grampa!)

…  why yes.  this is the bike that gramma and grampa bought when jovie was a literal little bean in my belly.

oh, and i tried to be a dork and turn this into a parody of the Tour de France, but i think i need grampa around to help me understand it better!


3 Responses to the winner is…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not only did she win all the stages she was selected (by me) to wear the white jersey as the best young rider

  2. grandma Katie& marshall says:

    if anyone knows bikes it is grandpa! Jovie is growing up! she is a doll!
    love & kisses xoxo
    great grandma Katie & marshall

  3. […] The Mr. and i were a little apprehensive about the ride there.  we ended up making an overnight pit stop in greenville on the way there.  but we knew when we came home, we were going to go all the way […]

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