the beach!

….who’da thunk??  it’s a GREAT place!

we recently took our first fairly big trip to visit my friend in Charleston.  and jovie still talks about that trip  (and miss becky, ansley, and mr. jimmy).  The Mr. and i were a little apprehensive about the ride there.  we ended up making an overnight pit stop in greenville on the way there.  but we knew when we came home, we were going to go all the way through (a 5hr drive w/o stopping).

all in all, jovie handled all the car-rides very well.  (way better than The Mr.) and since we were stuck in traffic on the way to g’ville, she missed her window for a nap.  surprisingly, she handled that more decently than she’s shown in the past.  and the ride home, we strategically placed stops along the way, and she only cried & screamed for about 1/2 hour before sleeping for an hour.

we went to charleston, and the girls seemed to be interested in each other (or at the very least, in each other’s toys). 

we truly were able to exercise our patience and sharing abilities.  and again- it went unexpectedly well.

luckily, since our kids are about the same age, we were sure to keep on a good kid-schedule.  double-lucky that they seem to have about the same schedule.

saturday morning we ate breakfast, lotioned everyone up, and headed to the beach!

here, you see anticipation:

"i'm so excited"

i couldn’t wait to see what jovie would do with this new-big-fun experience.  i know life things overwhelm her….  so i knew this could go either way.  i prepared everyone involved that mayhaps we try it and then leave rather quickly.

decked out in her “baby suit”, cover up, sunglasses, and water sandals, we make the trek to the ocean.  we get off the walkway and walk into the soft sand.  we take about 5 steps and then we halt.

some of us squat down and cry. 

so The Mr. did the right thing- swooped in and rescued her. 

that part, i completely expected.  but of course, in the 30 seconds it took to walk to the wet sand/water, i crossed my fingers and wondered how the wet sand would affect her.

(whenever we’ve played with a sandtable at therapy- her hand usually is coming out of her mouth.  i try to dry it off, but inevitably, she will touch the sand with those magic 2 fingers…. and she detests it!)

crossing my fingers must have helped because no sooner could we put down our gear when this happened:

very contemplative

waiting for another wave

i know you can’t really tell here, but those pictures were taken 15 seconds apart.  first- dry hair.  last- very wet hair…  and she didn’t mind at all.

in fact, she went under at least 3 times, and the only time she fussed that day was when she was in too deep and we had to drag her back toward the shore!

she continually talked about “go for swim”, and i have some great video of the whole thing.  she and ansley finally got together and held hands jumping waves.  i also noticed it was the first time jovie really took notice of another kid in order to mimic her, instead of just being near her.  they were really sweet together.

The Mr. said he’d never seen her so happy, and i couldn’t agree more.  it was very worth the trip!  and we’re still surprised that all in all, she handled the whole adventure wonderfully. 

we will definitely go back next year.

especially because when i ask her where we just went with ansley, she’ll tell someone “the beach”…  what happened at the beach?  “fall down!……got dirty”  —all said with the biggest smile!


7 Responses to the beach!

  1. Steph says:

    Glad she enjoyed it and you all had fun!!!

  2. aunt Barb says:

    cute pics and glad she/you all enjoyed it….love you, Barb

  3. Meredith says:

    Sounds like a very fun time! I’m glad the water/sand didn’t bother her and she was able to have lots of fun.

  4. Aunt Stacey says:

    That is just so awesome..I have to say I got a little teared up reading this…It must have been so gratifying (and let’s face it – probably a relief too) to see her not only take on this new experience with hardly a backwards glance but to LOVE the new experience!

  5. Aunt Julie says:

    Michelle. She is adorable!! Thank you so much for the picture. She is on my fridge! I really appreciate you taking the time out and sending us one. I do hear all about her from Gramma sally, but now with this website I can do it myself.:) How fun for you guys. Enjoy her because what they sayis very true, you blink and they are getting married! Thanks again for your thoughtfullness. Hugs and kisses to all of you.

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  7. […] mentioned she may surprise us.  and for a fleeting second, i thought:  hmmm yeah. she probably will.  (she’s been known to do that a few […]

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