a girl & her cats

sometimes it makes me so sad to know how much jovie loves her cats. 

she likes to be aware of what they are doing & where they are.  she loves to find them in the morning to say “good MORNING!” in her high-pitched squeal.  sometimes when she’s still sleepy from nap or bed, she’ll lay her head on my shoulder and quietly say “go see dohhy?” (or yiminy).

jovie likes to talk about the kitties and things they’ve done-  “yim was in the bushes… daddy had to find him”, or “dohhy is hiding??”.  she gives them their treats (under careful supervision), she finds them to say goodnight, & she’ll proudly narrate for me the fact that “i sitting next to yiminy”; especially when he’s resting on the hallway rug. 

problem is, they would usually rather keep their distance.  and now that she is an actual talking, mobile kid, neither one can exactly understand jovie and vice versa.

at the very beginning, we were completely impressed with yim & doh because they seemed to sort of accept this baby we brought home. 

yiminy's first investigation

even doh- who is extremely elusive & skittish.  day one bringing jovie home, once she began to cry, doh shocked me by coming downstairs to investigate, when the more likely scenario would have been for her to turn invisible.  (that’s the term we use when we plain can NOT find her ANYWHERE… it happens often, and it baffles us completely).

doh is investigating why a 4 day old jovie is in this cradle piece in the bathroom (listening to the shower)

they have always been very good with jovie.  and, as they watched her grow,  they learned to stay away for a long time b/c her screams would let them know not to bother.  they even learned sometimes our mood was not to be messed with.  as jovie began to sit up and notice them, she began her love affair.  i remember when she would finally notice yim walk by, she’d stop whatever she was doing (not much) and just watch.

when she started to crawl, she wanted to be near them.  and both of them would let her (tho i have no pix of doh with jovie).  her first word was even “kii kii” . 

buddies. september 09

they always loved all her apparatus in the house. i have so many pix of the kitties in all of her things- snugged up so good. the only thing they’d never been in is her crib.  they seemed to sense that was a definite no-no.

but, now. oh, it makes me sad that all she wants is to be near them.  (she seems to get that there’s less of a chance to be w/ doh, so yim gets most of her attentions).

and although he is great with her, yiminy is becoming a little less accepting.  so it makes me sad to see him get all snugged up somewhere, and then jovie comes and finds him, sits next to him, reaches out to pet him and he gets up and leaves.

sad for yimmy. and sad for jovie.  cuz then we get inundated with “where’s yimmy?  hi, yim!  go see yiminy??”

jovie is relentless, and doesn’t always understand that yim’s in no mood to play. or that he gets feisty and wants to play like he does with daddy.  which, The Mr. calls a “high five”, but it’s really him baiting yim to jump up and claw/bite at his hand.  jovie loves this.  i, however, do not want jovie to be on the other end of a yimmy high-five. 

she doesn’t sense his moods and has been very gentle with him, only for me to suddenly hear “yimmy scratched you?” because she didn’t realize he wanted no pets.  and she’s been great with the very few scratches he’s given…. she’s only cried once, when it scared her.

she knows when they want to go outside.  she will say “it’s ok, buddy. can’t go outside.  it’s too hot” .  she likes to look for doh, and we think it’s a major accomplishment when doh takes a pet or 2 from jovie.  or when she’ll allow me to pet her and make her purrrrpurrr while i’m holding jovie.  (jovie LOVES that!)

they all love each other in their own way.  but it makes me sad that we can’t get her to understand why now is not a good time to play with them.  or follow them.  or let them talk on the phone as one is being THRUST into their face. 

so on days when i watch one always chasing the other- just out of reach- i especially like seeing things like this occur:

clearly she enjoys this, too.


*oooh how fitting that in the middle of posting this, i had to go see why it was so quiet.  she had already tracked yim upstairs. so he came downstairs.  she then followed him into the laundry room.  & she’s usually excellent about knowing her boundaries…  but i walked in to her picking the food out of his bowl and dropping it in his water or litter.  awesome.  luckily, she didn’t play in the litter or anything. no worries there. 

but 2 days ago, it became questionable (and i’m about 73% certain that she didn’t) if she ate one of his treats, as she sat next to him with his treat bottle closed next to her and a giant grin on her face.


5 Responses to a girl & her cats

  1. aunt Barb says:

    Cute post Chelle.
    Wish you were here. Jordan and I picked Uncle Joe in Miami. He looks good. He mentioned your email you sent about not coming down. LJ gave him the pic of Jovie.
    Hope to see you all very soon.
    Kisses to Jovie

  2. Meredith says:

    I was the same way with cats. I always loved them, even though many didn’t love me back. Hopefully they’ll be able to get closer as she gets older. Our cat problems currently are a little different. Wally is lazy and will take quite the pummelling and pulling of fur before reacting, and his reaction is usually to huff away.

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