a girl & her cat- a photo story

here is just a sample of jovie’s desire to be with yiminy, and his tolerance:

july 18th:

minding his own business

i think it started with the cup.  he was just resting.  jovie decided he must be hungry and gave him everything she was playing with from her kitchen.  one at a time.  he allowed it, and stayed put for quite a while.

10 days later:

sleeping on the carpet- at first

jovie decided-what? he wanted to do laundry?? 

well, she was happily playing with her laundry, and maybe thought he’d enjoy the game as well?

"here's more, yim"

10 seconds later…

clearly, he needs more laundry....

 …she doesn’t notice he’s gone.

if you see that bucket of stuff emptied out by the front door, she had already been contentendly playing near him for a good while.  but this game, maybe he’d play with her. 

i guess this is the point it became less about him, and more about the mountain she made:

"climb the mountain"

she's admiring her handiwork. hoping all this will clean itself up.

she spent a lot of time in the hallway while i got work done, putzed around on the computer, probably IM’ing The Mr. 

yim never did come back to play (or help clean up).

she loves him, anyway:

august 1st


3 Responses to a girl & her cat- a photo story

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    The pictures are absolutely precious.Yiminy is a lucky kitty.

  2. bocki says:

    what a fun documentary. i LOVE these pics. SO CUTE!!!!

  3. […] is another photo session with yiminy.  the difference this time is the fact that the photographer was jovie.  2 christmases ago, Santa […]

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