…we interrupt my previous scheduled thoughts of a post about labor day to share with you the news of SCHOOL!

"wanna hold lunchbox"

we’ve decided to enroll jovie in a Mom’s Morning Out program one day a week.  we love for her to get exposure to other kids.  and also adults she’s not related to.  of course we go on playdates with her pals all the time, but obviously it’s different when it’s a MOPS or MMO type setting.

it will be very interesting to see how she progresses in a more “structured” environment.

my having taught 1st grade for 7 years sort of makes me shudder at the thought of jovie going to “school” so early.  i’m hoping that this program will be less structured than many i’ve heard about.  but we couldn’t beat the proximity to our house, as well as the fact they let us pay for just the one day. 

& it will be great for me.  i will use my time wisely. (look y’all! i’m POSTING a post to the blog!!)   i even plan to volunteer at my old school if i can work it out. 

today is her 1st official day, with our regular schedule being Tuesdays.  The Mr. decided to work from home today. and y’all!  we get to GO. TO. LUNCH.  without having to cut up anyone’s or bring any snacks or sippy cups!  i think there may even be a tablecloth involved.

so, we dropped her off.  That odd sound you heard?   the piercing screeches at 8:53 am EDT?— that was her. no worries. 

[The Mr. is also not usually as privy to the “dropping off screams” that i’m accustomed to from going to MOPS.]

Tuesday we had our orientation.  The Mr. came to that, too.  so while we dropped her off to meet Miss Laura & Miss Haley, the parents went down the hall, around the corner & into the chapel for the spiel.  we got in there, and sat at the back.  there were no less than 30 other families in the chapel quietly talking.  we could still hear jovie. 

going to meet the teachers

i talked with my sister yesterday & told her all this.  she asked how jovie will do when i drop her off.  (i was honest).  and then she asked how i would be.  i’m fine. (we’re fine)  i probably shouldn’t be… given what you hear at the time.  (the last time in MOPS, she was squeezing my neck tighter than ever before; she literally hurt me).  i guess it’s “easy” for us to listen to this because 1. we know she’ll stop (Tuesday it was 3-5mins that we heard her in the chapel).  and 2.  lest you forget what we went through for the first 4+months of her life.  unfortunately (or fortunately?) that has prepared us for knowing that she is not indeed dying. 

we wonder how long before she comes out of her shell.  because she didn’t say a word on tuesday.  but today, she’ll probably warm up a little more, as she’s there for her full day.  9-12:45.  !!

so excuse me, y’all….   i have some shopping to do.

enjoy your week!


5 Responses to preschool

  1. Gramma & Grampa says:

    I’m sure Jovie will have a wonderful time. And, Michelle, make sure you enjoy your “free” time.

  2. Steph says:

    Wow…Logan started this week too, but all 5 days from 8:30-11:30! He is loving it! 😉 She’ll learn to love it!

  3. aunt Barb says:

    Wow…brings back memories of Chan going to pre-school. They had to “peel” him off me. It was hard watching him scream, but in no time, he LOVED going to shcool..
    Enjoy your time and can’t wait to see you guys.

  4. Meredith says:

    Yay for free time! I’m sure she’ll start looking forward to preschool in a few weeks.

  5. mpotter says:

    oh, she’s already asking to go back and see “miss haley and miss war-la” [laura]
    and she looks at her apple tree that she “made” every day.

    she LOVED it.

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