so, jovie- maybe you’ll read this when you are eight years old.

incidentally, 8 is one of the four numbers you recognize.

more importantly, eight is the number of years mommy & daddy have been married.  so, happy anniversary to The Mr.  we miss you.  a lot.

this one’s an interesting year, as it marks the point where we’ve been married half as long as being together.  it’s weird to think that just next year we will have been married longer than not.

more crazy with the numbers, as daddy put in perspective that 16 years ago we met.  when he was a freshman in college.  that was a long, long time ago!  (October marks that anniversary). 

the internet pretty much got invented just after that.  so 16 years ago technology was so much different than today. do you know that people use phones for way way more than calling people these days.  in fact, i bet more phones are used for not calling people!

but you know the crazy thing??  daddy pointed out that it will be 16 years from now when YOU are a freshman in college.

that blew my mind!

he sure does make life fun.

happy anniversary, daddy! we (i) love you.


3 Responses to eight

  1. Bobby says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to both of you. So glad to see that you both are very happy together.
    Love & Miss you

  2. grandma Katie& marshall says:

    42 more to go!!!that time will just fly so enjoy every minute-congratulations! to a sweet couple & darling great grand child too–you are very lucky!

    love & kisses xoxo

    grandma Katie & marshall

  3. Steph says:

    Happy 8th Anniversary!!! 😉 Seems like not that long ago when you started dating!!! Makes me feel old…ha!

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