little girl

i know there are a few people out there who do read this blog to find out about what’s up with jovie….  and my gosh! just post already!!

  • much to my chagrin, jovie is constantly wanting to be a big girl, as is evident in this photo of her trying to drink  her water “like mommy”:
believe it or not, she did actually get some in her mouth!

  • last week, jovie and i took our first solo gals trip to g’ville to visit with gramma & grampa and another set of friends.  we had a good time. i was (understandably) a little nervous about driving a car and also trying to entertain jovie.  but she did well.  she whined as much or as little as she would normally do at home.  and on the way home, she had no distractions (she didn’t want anything i offered her)….. so she really just sat and talked/sang/commented the whole 3hr trip.  just like you & i would do—it was amazing! 
  • being in greenville was fun! she had so much fun with gramma & grampa.  and we got to go visit a “big kid”, and she enjoyed playing with my friend and her children.
  • as you know, jovie is slow to warm up to new situations, so it was a happy surprise to me when my friend’s 3 1/2 year old daughter took jovie upstairs to play……….while we were downstairs!  for well over 30 mins!  she really wants to be a big kid!
  • “Preeeeschool!!” is going well.  she’s little by little coming out of her shell more.  she’s impressing her teachers a lot!  [can you imagine not even knowing if she can talk much at all—- and then, well,  one day she decided to say all the colors & animals of whatever they were doing that day!]
  • i get a lot of comments about jovie and “what a little girl” she is becoming.  she lost that baby-esque a long time ago.  but even now, she seems a little less toddler-ish as well……………. 

make it stop.


4 Responses to little girl

  1. Steph says:

    She is getting so big! Love the water splattered clothes!!! 😉

  2. Gramma & Grandpa says:

    She’s so cute it doesn’t matter whether she’s a baby, toddler or little girl. We just love Jovie for the wonderful child she is.

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