in a year

will i ever stop comparing the todays to the year agos?  i don’t think so.  we’ve been doing it a lot lately, and i wanted to let y’all in on it.

crawling; tiny (adorable) pigtails.

a year ago, at september’s end, jovie had a vocabulary of 13 words.  she signed 6 & spoke 7 words. 

standing upright, unbelievable (atrocious) hair. picture day at SCHOOL!

now, she will narrate everything that’s going on.  EVERYTHING.  here’s a sample of just a walk from our car to the store:   “mommy’s unbuckling….  i holding flopsy.  ..we’re going to the store.  see the lady?  she has a bag?  see the lady?  going to ride in the buggy?  wanna drive??!!!?? (not today)…  mommy’s cleaning.  throw away”

i sh*t you not.

a year ago we began music class.  she spent most of her time staring at the teacher and the other kids.  it was the end of the fall class where we realized she WAS paying attention, because in the backseat, she said “pup pup” when she knew the song about the dogs was coming up next!

nowadays, she still stares at the teacher and other kids—  [but in a few weeks, she’ll warm up again & will dance and sing for others.]  but she likes to listen for guitars, pianos, trumpets, flutes and singers in the songs… for instance:

on the way home from greenville a couple of weeks ago, (without any prompting), while listening to Jack Johnson, she began her normal routine:     J- “do you hear the man singing?”  M- “yes. i do hear him.”   J- “hear the guitarrrr?”  M- “yes! that is a guitar.”  J- “and maraccas?”  M-(ohmygod are you kidding me?) “yes. i DO hear maraccas.  good listening!”…. (in my head:  that kinda sounds like egg-shakers that we use in music.  hmmm, i wonder if musicians use those for real)…..J- “egg??’  M- “ummm, ohmigoodness. yes, jovie. that does sound like an egg-shaker!”

i sh*t you not.

a year ago, in november, we went to the apple orchard.  ok, so 11months ago…  well, in looking at pix from last year, anticipating about our upcoming trip this weekend, we noticed she’s in socks.  that’s right.  because she didn’t own a pair of shoes.  (well, thanks to my sister-in-law, she did have some adorable shoes that didn’t fit her GIGANTIC feet.)

i look forward to posting about that trip very soon!

2008 :



and tho i don’t know why i don’t have a more current picture to prove it, she still gives us that blank look.  (maybe b/c i delete all those!)

The Mr. & i were just discussing how very non-amazing she’ll be next year.  but at least for now, she blows our mind!


3 Responses to in a year

  1. Steph says:

    I assure you they are NEVER non-amazing!!! She will continue to say and do things that blow your mind every year!!!

  2. Meredith says:

    They do grow so quickly. It seems to take them forever to pick up a new skill and then they just take off with it! (At least that was the case with us and Little Elvis’ vocabulary.)

  3. aunt Barb says:

    Cute post Chelle…she is so cute and so smart. Can’t wait to see her/you guys.
    Love you

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