driving time

see, y’all! i TOLD you she’s growing up so fast…..

checkin' the rearview

ignition, check!

(it looks like she's saying vroom vroom. she wasn't tho)

how'd i do?

so long! see ya! g'bye!

omigod, y’all! 

funny how these random pix all turned out to look like a driving lesson…  i know it won’t be long.

(and wow, does she look like her aunt jo-jo in that last picture!  hi aunt jo-jo! we miss you!!)


2 Responses to driving time

  1. Meredith says:

    Fun! We’ve spent hours using the car as a playground (and had two batteries to replace because of it!) but it’s still lots of easy fun, especially on rainy days.

  2. Aunt Julie says:

    I love reading about Jovie and seeing the pictures. I would love to meet her! Maybe on her 16th birthday which seems to be right around the corner??! Hugs to all of you.

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